What is really going on?

Has the world gone MAD?? (sorry...I just watched "The Other Boelyn Girl" today so I decided to speak with a British twist all day)

Anyway, has the gone world gone mad?I just read that McDonald's will be taking the Double Cheeseburger off the Dollar menu...because the price of cheese is too expensive? And Bush says that we are not in a recession? Next to Walmart, Mickey D's is a world wide conglomerate of a company and they say they can't afford cheese!

That puts my spending habits in perspective. If Ronald McDonald is considering taking the cheese off the cheeseburger then I certainly need to curb my spending habits.

So from this point on...well, let's give it one whole month's trial...NO SHOPPING for me.

None. Zero. Zilch.
That means no cute dresses, no cute shoes...the only exception is if I come across Purple accessories...meaning a purple purse or clutch. But not because I was out looking...but because God and fate and that purple clutch collided at the same time. My arms are too short to box with God anyway!

So in essence, what I mean by NO is I will not purchase any article of clothing for one whole month UNLESS I just so happen to run across the most beautiful Purple Clutch in the world. BUT THAT IS THE ONLY EXCEPTION!!! To be honest, this is not so hard for me to do. I don't shop all the time and when I do shop, it is always something that I love. I never buy things just for the heck of it. That NEVER happens with me.

So...not even so much as a pretty dress to celebrate my birthday next month.

Anywho...back to clothes. So before my self imposed shopping ban, I came across the most beautiful dress (until the next beautiful dress) at Anthropologie. It was a limited line by a designer out of New York. Of course they didn't have my size...Size Real Woman...so I walked out of the store empty handed and saddened.

I longed for the dress so badly that I went on one of my famous research binges...that means I obsess about something until I know all there is to know about something until I own it or obtain the "said" item...and then I'm over it.

Well long story short, I researched, googled, called, emailed, stalked, the stores of Anthropologie and the designer's store until I was triumphant! I got my hands on it!! I went so far as to email the designer on myspace and low and behold...she emailed me back. Now do you see, I am a stalker! Now if I could put the same effort into this research paper for my graduate course!?! Hmpph.

Anyway, The dress literally makes me happy. I loved it so much that I refused to wear it till I had somewhere wonderful to debut the gorgeousness of it all...I settled on a trip to The Skybar for Happy Hour because it didn't seem like anything more spectacular was going to happen.

Anyway, here is a pic of the dress hanging from my show room...aka...chandelier, as well as pictures as it was advertised, one of the pictures is even of the designer in her own design. But she can't do it like me. I plan on wearing it on my birthday (September), even it means sitting on the edge of my sofa singing happy birthday to myself...rocking back and forth...with my feet swinging!

I found a snapshot of me in the dress...I love it so! I wore it with some closed toes Mary Janes to the club and wore it with flip flops another day. I'm gonna find a way to wear it to church soon! LOL...I kid, I kid.

Let me explain my adoration for the dress. First of all, the fabric is what lured me to it. Basically, the designer, Zachary's Smile, decided to send her "fair-skinned" interns to the Ivory Coast, West Africa and gather all of the country's beautifully unique fabrics and bring them back to the states. Basically, the "man" has pimped our people again!!!

Just kidding...I love the man (FBI, IRS, FICA, The Gap, Bush, Martha Stewart...I love you all)

I digress...back to business. The designer then chose only two patterns to make all the dresses...either strapless or scoop necked silhouettes. ( I sound like I know alot huh...I don't...I just watch hours of Project Runway!)

Well the reason I fell in complete lust over the dress is the actual fit. It is the quintessential 50's dress. It's nipped in the waist and has a full skirt...WITH POCKETS. And here's the best part, the back is like a corset fit with elastic...( I am dancing right now in the living room singing Jill Scott's Golden...livin my life like it's golden, golden) A dress with an elastic corset fit!!! YAY!!!

The fabric is near and dear to me as well because I have immediate family in The Ivory Coast and have seen many of these patterns brought as gifts over time. I am international baby!

So you see, I had a close kinship to this dress! It made me feel closer to my family...not really, I can email them all day and all night if I wanted to but it is still a good back story! Onward......

Picture this...the Mother of Leave it To Beaver goes to Africa!! That's what the dress look and fits like. The best part is that since the fabric is limited...no dress is exactly alike! It is a limited edition which means "boo" to mass production! This means this is the closest to COUTURE I will ever get...until Oprah calls me!

Anyway...enough babbling about it...just Worship as I have. I promise to post a picture of me Rocking it soon. I promise!

By the way, Here are some pics of shoes I have gotten lately...all with purple of course. Again, my staple "pop of color" usually is red but I've decided to go not green but "go purple!"

So enjoy the ranting and pictures while I actively try to achieve my goal of not shopping for clothes for at least one month then two then three..until next year. I can try at least.

I need to stop spending "frivolously" before Cold Stone Creamery goes out of business...oops too late. Well, at least there is still Bennigans....Oops, not anymore. Well I have to stop before Circuit City and WalMart start stuggling.....yeah...too late for that one to. Well, I better stop before they starting putting less in our Doritos bags....yep...too late for that too.

So I guess I am just "not" shopping for my own personal glorification or to pay a bill on time for once.

No shopping...as of now...right now...Ready, set, go....Amen and Amen

***by the way, those purple shoes were $16 bucks at Macy's! And yes, my shoes and dress are hanging from my living room chandelier...that's ingenuity at its best. So my blog equipment includes a camera phone and a light fixture...Oprah's gotta call!***

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