Hanger vs. The Real Thang

We'll just call this simply The Hanger Vs. The Real Thing (cue Jill Scott's Real Thang in Stereo). This is a dress made by T-Bags that is super comfy and super cute. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It can be dressed up or down...I usually wear sandals with this because the dress is so long. One thing about these necklines though is that you have to be confident. I hate to see a woman wear a lower cut top or midriff shirt and have their hands/arms covering them the whole night! What's the point?
The key is to to be tasteful with the assets. Again, these are my opinions which don't add up to 30 cents in most people's wallets:)

Notice the distinct between those evil skinny models and moi'. I am only posting to show what works for me. I am not posting because I think I am super fly or anything like that. Just to show how different clothes can look on different body types. Don't get me wrong...I'm still working on being a brickhouse but I can look good in the interim...can't I?
Sorry I don't have a full shot of me in the dress but it is super long. The material is really thin too. Typically a sweetheart neckline compliments those of us that are "blessed" up top:) As I look at this...this would look really cute with a fitted White Tuxedo jacket with the sleeves pushed up and of course a fierce clutch!
Now, if I can just have someone invite me to a dinner party so I can wear it:)

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