Barack The Vote

Just for fun...Obviously Beyonce' and I are on the same page:) I'm starting to like her casual style alot more these days...when her momma is not trying to put her in anything that glitters and is gold!

A fitted Barack T shirt, Skinny Jeans and closed toed heals...perfect casual outfit. And to think, I rocked mine a month ago. See,I guarantee she didn't put the outfit together...there is some overpriced stylist laying her clothes on her bed like we used to do on the first day of school. See, I need to be a stylist! I can put together a wardrobe for the fraction of the price!
Now if I could afford that purse Beyonce is holding, I would be in accessory heaven. But I am blessed to have my silver metallic oversized clutch from DSW...a whole 27 dollars!

You can find these T's at Urban Outfitters:)

Barack the Vote!! And don't be a poser...Don't rock the T if you have no intentions on voting. Even if you vote for that old 71 year old man...still vote!

I plan on wearing this outfit on election day and I am bringing a video camera and still camera to take pictures of this historical political event...Enough of my rantings!

Enjoy your day! Amen.


shel said...

girl, you were on a roll....i so love your blog.

shel said...

oh...i so hope she sends you a dress....you did a fab job.

Reiko! said...

Thank you Shellie! You are my premier reader because you are nice enough to leave comments! I love that!

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