OPRAH CALLED! Not really, but I made you look!! But guess who did contact me?!?!...the designer of the Zachary's Smile Dress that I raved about in my blog a few days ago entitled "What is Really Going on?".

Well, I mentioned in my Pulitzer nominated, Emmy award winning superior blog that I went through all hell trying to get my hands on the dress. In doing so, I contacted the designer in my quest to have the dress. Long story short, the designer took time to read my blog (which excites me even more than wearing the dress!) and may have possibly gotten offended by a few things I said. In all honesty, I think it was a matter of her being a small company and she wants all information to be the right information.

So, I wanted to clear a few things up...not that I plan on making a habit of it. Basically, the "pimping my people" comment about getting the African fabrics and making something even more beautiful out of it did not go over very well. I guess, it's one of those "you have to be green to get a 'green' joke type of things. I can see how the comment could sting, especially if you know that your "team" or company is "peace, love and harmony" about how they get down. Again, no harm was intended:)

Then comparing the designer to Martha Stewart and the IRS did not go over very well:(

I guess I would suck as a stand up comedian because my joke would BOMB. I personally thought that was one of my best lines to date but what do I know.

Note to self...keep my day job even though it doesn't pay enough to support my expensive dress buying habit. I can't even afford the dag gum dress to be honest which is why I am trying to find ways to wear it to graduations, weddings, funerals and bat mitvahs but I am not supposed to say that huh?:)

I should also mention that there was no "team of interns", just happy people trying to make beautiful clothes with fabrics from a beautiful country. Again, no harm intended. I personally wouldn't care if The Jolly Green Giant made the dress...as long it is a size 12 and I can wear and it makes me happy...I say bring it on Jolly Green!

And lastly, I quoted one of the pictures on the "said" blog as being the designer in the dress....guess what..........it wasn't...It was a wonderful woman named Kendra who works for the company. I still rocked it better Kendra:) (smile)

So there...my conscious is clear and I can sleep at night. I didn't realize how serious this blogging thing is, I feel powerful! I feel like I can single handedly stop gas prices from rising, all I have to do is say something inaccurate about our president!

But I won't, ya'll know what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they made a joke. Completely off the subject, in my morning slumber I watched the documentary on cable called "Shut up and Sing" about what happened to the Dixie Chicks after the lead singer said that she was embarrassed that our 'now president' was from Texas. They caught straight hell! Why was I crying by the end of it?!?!? (as I sing, "I'm not ready to make nice...I'm not ready to back down. I 'm still mad as hell and I don't have time to go round and round and round) You didn't think I listened to the Dixie Chicks did you?!? Don't let the afro puff fool you:)

The point is my little old blog is not about "hating" or spreading lies, I just like clothes and want to tell people from time to time what works for me and expose to the masses the designers who cater to all this JELLY! But everyday is a lesson learned.

I still COVET and WORSHIP the dress...and actually appreciate Kristi the designer of Zachary's Smile lovely dresses for contacting me and clearing up the inaccuracies:) I can be a walking advertisement for your clothes Kristi, let's make it happen. Isn't that what celeberities do anyway? They NEVER pay for their clothes. Designers give their clothes to them as a chance to advertise. Doesn't that just piss us off!?? The ones that have to save up to BUY clothes. I digress again....

I am blogging for fun and I am certainly NOT out to slash anyone, especially one with a hustle. Zachary's Smile is a hustle... in a good way. If I could send my one-legged cousin over to the Ivory Coast and bring back some banging fabric and then I whip up a fab dress and get paid from it...I would. I am still trying to find my hustle....Kristi just beat me to it...so Bravo!! (I kid, I kid).

I end this by saying that I am thrilled that anyone reads my random rantings. I come from a place of peace and love and definitely tolerance. I am an equal oppurtunist when it comes to my dresses, I would wear the hell out of a dress etch-a-sketched by my 9 year old niece if she put an elastic corset in the design.

So Kristi, of Zachary's Smile White Label dresses, thanks for being gracious and Rock on...you could always send me a pro bono dress just to show that you are of a kind heart:)
(Pro bono sounds better than free)

You already know what size I wear. I'll even take an irregular size dress that didn't make it past the cutting room floor. Just look around, I'm sure you can find me another of my fave dresses in a different print! Notice how many times I "name dropped" the name of your company...(wink wink)

Kendra, you could always sneak one at night for me if Kristi won't do it:) You know how to contact me:) Or better yet...in ADDITION...to a fabulous dress in Size 12 for my birthday on September 14Th, we can work a little deal where you can be my first advertisement on my blog.

It would be a win, win for both of us:) Think about it! No for real...think about it.

Amen and Amen.

(p.s....I don't have a one legged cousin... that was a joke too:)

Good thing I don't work for the PAID media:) Although, they are always wrong and NEVER apologize. They said Bernie Mac died a week ago but he just died yesterday...but they didn't apologize. Good thing I don't work for the "man". (another jokey joke)

(p.p.s....Kendra, I thought you deserve a little more shine, so I put your picture up...work on that free dress for me:)

***I also posted a pic of the Dixie Chicks to make sure I give credit to all references...I should know to be accurate and cite sources since I am an English Teacher, huh?!?****

Okay...For real...Peace and Love...and Amen.


Karla said...

Dammit, Reiko. If I knew this blog was going to feature you and these dresses, I would have never looked!

I'm always jealous of your style. Thank goodness I only catch a glimpse of you once a year, or so. LOL!

And if it matters, I would totally drape my dresses on you if I was a designer. ;)

Reiko! said...

Thank You Karla! It is like once a year huh!

Redesign Diva said...

It's official, you're a hoot! I found a new place for laughs, thanks

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