As I sit here not feeling too well and drained from work, I am watching the Democratic Convention. I just witnessed history being made. Barack Obama was officially nominated as the First Black Presidential Nominee. I literally got goosebumps when they did the roll call! I wish I wasn't alone here to scream YES WE CAN from my bed...my dog doesn't seem to be too phased.

I almost want to change my dog's name to Barack...so what if his name has been Frankie Beverly for four years. Dogs learn new tricks all the time right?

I am not going to go on and on about this because this is not a political blog but I can't help but be emotional...and quite honestly, everyone and their mama has an opinion.

Random thought, I hate when people have these grandiose opinions about the presidential race and have no intentions on taking their butts to vote on that fateful day....I digress.

I want to scream or jump in my bed or fist bump someone like the Obamas' do because I am alive to witness history in the making...but I won't because then even I will think I am crazy.

Anywho, I'll get back into the swing of things soon...there is alot of "life" happening right now. (For some reason that Fabulous song "Breathe" just popped in my head...maybe because that is all I need to focus on doing these days).

I would like to note that Michelle Obama is the bomb diggity (does anyone say that anymore...or ever?). She is the black Jackie O but I see her trying to sneak a little "sexy" in there every now and then. Chic, classic and Sassy. She loves to show those toned arms!

I won't rant and rave as there is too much going on now but look forward to a post on an "upgrade" or makeover I did on one of my cousins.
I am posting some pics of Michelle Obama in different outfits just as a little "shout out" to her style.
YES WE CAN. I can't wait to vote!!!
Ok....As I began to look for pics of Michelle Obama...I peeped her staple pieces:

1.) Chanel jackets
2.) pearls (I'm not a fan of pearls mainly because of Barbara Bush but it doesn't offend me when Michelle wears them)
3.) sheath dresses
4.) cardigans
5.) a little sexy back action every now and then
6.) She really LOVES that black studded belt by Azzedine Alaïa.
7.) And I love, love that she is comfortable wearing flats with a dress.
8.) And I SUPER DUPER LOVE LOVE that she doesn't wear hosiery! She just shines and shaves those legs and rolls out the door! What exactly is the purpose of hosiery anyway? Don't your own natural skin color compliment ANY outfit you are wearing?? (I'm just saying...what do I know...nothing!)

The fact that she recycles her accessories thrills me to pieces!
I appreciate that she looks like she mixes a Target dress with a Chanel Jacket and rocks it! I love it!

YES WE CAN...as I try to scrounge up some gas money for the rest of the week....YES WE CAN!

*By the way, I tried to call my dog by his new name and all he did was pass gas on cue:( I'll have to name my firstborn Barack instead.

Ok...I am delusional...Talk to you later:)

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MarriedToIt said...

Love the looks of Michelle with the Trench and the back out. I really appreciate the hand on her hip total attitude.

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