Just you wait!

I am not a Rihanna fan. I don't think she can sing one lick nor do I understand why the media follows her so much. But I will say that I saw a picture of her in an outfit that I absolutely worship. I just absolutely WORSHIP the look of a men's crisp shirt with skinny jeans or wide legged cuffed khakis and a skinny belt. That is so flattering on so many levels.

I am so going to replicate this look soon. I am actually thinking about going to Target and trying to replicate the look for "cheap" but I need a model or a sucker whichever sounds politically correct, to photograph. I can't wait. When I wear the outfit or find someone to do it for me, I will just throw the real life picture up here but for now...we'll just look at Rihanna rock the Men's classic shirt! I love, love, love.

The best part of it is that it will look great on women of all ages and shapes. I just pictured a certain graduate from Ball State University rocking this (you know who you are). Maybe one day, I'll convince you to wear it. (You can wear your silver Anne Klein shoes...he he he)

The best thing is we all probably have this outfit in our closet...just steal your man's shirt (son, brother, cousin) and put on great accessories. Skinny jeans woud look fab like Rihanna but a wide leg jean or khaki would be a great alternative. Whatever floats your boat.
I think the key is to have a shirt that is a size larger than your own so that it can baloon correctly at the waist. The other key is to not try too hard...the look too contrived.

I will call this the "Morning After" (after church:) look...that's when you just grab your man's shirt and walk out the door looking absolutely FAB.
I guarantee that Rihanna paid a kidney for that shirt. I am sure it is a designer something or other...or it just might be her boo's shirt...but nevertheless...the look CAN be achieved:) YES. WE. CAN!

I included some options to achieve the look on your own (or my own). The shirts are from The Gap and Target. The jeans are from Urban Outfitters ( I have a pair...and they stretch) and the skinny belt is from Target.
Hint, hint. The larger woman should wear a wider belt with the Men's Shirt but bring the belt up higher...That way you can have that Coke Bottle shape that our men love to see:)
Practically any high heel will do...this will be a FAB look for a casual dinner for the Fall season...although in Houston, we only have ONE season...HOT!
I promise to update this post with some real people...not that Rihanna isn't...it's just that I don't know her:)
In completely random news...Ladies that are Real Woman Sizes...16 and upwards...check out Old Navy's Exclusive line...Every piece is too cute.


MarriedToIt said...

u r stupid! "i'm sure (riri) paid a kidney or that shirt" LMAO

Nicky said...

Stop hate-innnng. She is in my mind, innovative and stylish and a risk taker...her style exceeds the white crisp shirt. I think she's the shittt and u know this! lol

Reiko! said...

To Nicky...keep it real...you know she is overrated! LOL

Shretha said...

Just waiting on a pic of you rocking that crisp white shirt with skinny jeans and a skinny belt. Again, I love your taste in close.

Shretha said...

I meant that I love your taste in clothes. Spell check is a terrible thing to waste.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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