Live and in Color

I just wanted to share with you some pics of my "subjects" who listen to me from time to time. I have no idea why since I have no degree or authority to tell anybody what to do. For some reason they listen to me.

Here are pics of my sister in a JC Penney dress. It was $40 bucks and looked fab on her. You couldn't tell her NOTHING. I mean NOTHING. She is always ragging on me about finding clothes for sizes 16 and up even though she spends most of her time shopping online. GO Figure. Anyway, it's the ultimate Sexy Librarian Dress and she looks good in it.

The second set of pics is of my friend from way back. It's true that your best friends come frome high school...and we stiiiiillll together. (an In Living Colour throwback). She allowed me to tag along a few months ago while she went on a mini shopping spree to update her wardrobe. The long dress is from Torrid and she waited to rock the dress at the Color Purple stage play in Houston.

She threw on her own shrug and tank top and looked absolutely fly.

I am posting simply to show that we all have options no matter what size we are. Buy it. Rock it. Flaunt it:)

...and yes I had permission to post these pics of their Fabulosity. This is proof that REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES...Tell a friend. Pass it on:)


IvyLeague said...

Thanks for the ego boost and for accompaning me on my retail therapy session to find that DRESS!!!!

Anonymous said...

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