I am a middle child. If you don't know what that means...It means we don't like to share. We get tired of hand me downs from older siblings and tired of having to share with younger siblings.

This leads me to admit something about myself.

I have been selfish. People would ask where do I get some of my clothes and I wouldn't tell them because I wanted MY stores all to myself. Well, I have decided to play well with others and share where I get many of my coveted dresses.

It's a cute boutique in the Museum District (or 3rd ward for Houston natives) called Melodrama.

A friend of mine actually introduced me to the store years ago and I have been in love with it ever since. The owner Jackie is a delight and I was so impressed that she remembers her customers. At one point, I was going so often that she would note a few things that I might like when I would arrive.

She caters to the inner ecclectic in all of us. I'll be honest, I can't always afford everything I want out of there but best believe anything that I have purchased out of there is worth coveting.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, drop by...you will be impressed...not only by the clothes but by the personal attention you get. I love knowing that my money is going to a person that can actually put a name with my credit card number! Jackie does have sales and she throws great get togethers for her customers. I have been known to get a mimosa or two while shopping there on certain Saturdays.

Anyway, enough of my blabbing...Just thought I would hip you to something new in your life. Hint, hint...I wear a size 12 and I have a closet full of Melodrama's items so that she clue you in on her size ranges.

If you drop by, tell her I sent you...I don't turn blessings down even if they come in the form of a huge discount on my next purchase(hint hint Jackie:)

Enjoy...now let me get back to dealing with these insurance people about Hurricane Ike wrecking my kitchen floors:(

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