Cute in the face, Thick in the Waist?

I am in Houston and dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike but I wanted to post a few more pics of spots for ladies with a little meat on their bones to shop:) I discovered IGIGI.COM, SIZEAPPEAL.COM, BANDLU.COM,KIYONNA.COM AND MONIFC.COM. If nothing else, this will save you from being forced to go to Lane Bryant ALL of the time:) Options...that's the name of the game:)

I lost power for a few days but it wasn't all bad because I had a family that took my psuedo-evacuee self in. Don't get me started on the term "evacuee"...that's what they call displaced residents in the south. I won't complain about that though because that's a step up from being called a REFUGEE. That's what they called Louisiana residents who were forced from their homes during Hurricane Katrina...the media is a trip! I digress...Anyway, I had my soon to be "new family" take me in and love me and feed me:)

Well, this weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy television again and I was watching a documentary on the History Channel about the real men of Sparta (ever seen the movie 300?). Well, long story short, millions years ago (or thousands...not sure), the men of Sparta were fighting the Persians...stick with me here...I am going somewhere...I promise.

Well Xerxes, the Persian King, wanted to beat the Spartans SO bad that he wanted his army to build a bridge over the Black Sea. So, Xerxes' army commenced to literally building a bridge ACROSS the BLACK SEA using old ship parts. A FREAKIN BRIDGE OVER A SEA! How is it that their 'back in the day' technology wasn't even a tenth what it is now but Centerpoint Energy can't get our lights on faster than 2 weeks...up to a month in some cases?

Crazy right! How is it that the Egyptians can make pyramids out of dirt and rocks and my friend who lives two blocks away from me still doesn't have lights!

Shouldn't Centerpoint Energy engineers read some ancient books on how to get the job done in a timely fashion!?!?

I digress...enjoy the slideshow. I am just tripping these days. I have cabin fever...Houston has a curfew because of the hurricane and power issues and I think I just need to get out of the house:) Not that I roll after midnight every night but I like having the options. I wouldn't do well in jail...I need to be free!

But in the words of Rev. Paul Jones...I WON'T COMPLAIN....atleast not that loud!


....wait wait wait....let me tell you one more quick story. My fiance' (still sounds weird, I'll use BF for now) went to a bar for hamburger earlier today. It was game day so it was extra loud and extra packed. There was the Texans game on one screen, the Cleveland Browns on another...you get the point.

Well the bartender, who ignored us for a minute by the way, took the order. When the BF sat down, I asked him what was our number. He pulls out the receipt to look and he saw the words DREADS printed at the top of the receipt. This ignorant a## waiter didn't even bother asking the BF his NAME?!? He just looked at his hair and chose to use that as his name? Is this not racial profiling or hair profiling or something close to it? I could NOT believe it.

Granted, we were the only BROWN people there outside of the cook and another lady but what was the harm in simply asking for a NAME?!?

We have been there countless times andwe know the routine so it's not like I was trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. We didn't say anything even though I wanted to..mainly because that cook can make a mean burger...but the point is that was a SHADY azz move! We have never seen this bartender before so we can't say it is the practice of the establishment but my goodness...DREADZ? Now,if that is his way of keeping tabs, fine...but don't PRINT it on the receipt. So if I were a bartender, should I not bother asking for a name and just say "oh, that dude limps so I am going to call him Peg leg?" That's not how it works!

I have the receipt right here and I am going to go up there tomorrow. I can not let it ride. I don't want anything free and I don't want to be uncivilized about it but I think it should be addressed.

Am I wrong?...doesn't matter what you think because I am going back regardless:)...but really, am I justified in feeling just a tinge "profiled".

As Amistad says, "GIVE US FREE!" I will update you on what happened:)

okay...I feel better...Amen.


Raven said...

OMG Hubby and I watched the story about the real 300 as well on the History Channel. Anyway...I wanted to say BEST WISHES!!! YAY!!! I have such a big mouth and it was killing me to not say anything as you read my blog. Okay...umm I am a total Charlotte when it comes to weddings. Have you mapped anything out?

shel said...

i saw that movie "300" and i was tripping. but bumb that, is there something more you want to share.

MarriedToIt said...

ok Sparta I hear you. I am so pissed about my lights. It really is silly to still not have power at my hse. I want to blog in the comfort of my own home. My baby has picked up a cold for all this constant moving. Its crazy. I need me some lights!!!!

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