It's Going Around and I CAUGHT It...

It's going around and I caught it.

NO, not anything that I can't throw back!

In addition to "catching" bronchitis (can one catch bronchitis? hmmm), I also caught the Planning My Wedding Bug.

I have been engaged for a little over a month and I have been trying to play it low key. Somebody would ask what are your colors...and I would go "I don't know, I haven't thought about it yet."

Well, that statement is not totally true...I thought about it, I just hadn't committed to anything yet.

I still don't have a wedding date and I am trying to make sure our "foundation" is solid before the wedding becomes a production and the marriage becomes a fiasco:) We are doing the pre-marital counseling thing and let me tell you...it helps:) Even the most perfect couple needs a mediator every now and then.

Anyway, as I sit here in my house for the third day in a row, going bonkers (daytime tv sucks)...I thought I would post my Inspiration Board. (Don't worry Mama Ke Ke...I will cover up the "girls" for official pictures) I am a lady:)

The Inspiration Board is basically a visual of images and ideas that I hope to pull off for the wedding. It is kind of fun to plan since I like that sort of thing. We will see how it goes.

By the way, finding a dress that meets my standards is a hard job. I am not against renting a dress but one of my friends thinks that is tacky! I am heavily considering getting my dress made though:) I won't start "really" looking for a dress til next year.

Is it strange that I already know what shoes I want to wear and want to buy them now...they are only $350 bucks...(cough cough.) You read that right, I have no idea what dress I am going to wear but I want the shoes now!

MY PRIORITIES...Gotta check em:)

Anywho...let me know what you think about the Inspiration Board. And as a little pop quiz...there is a theme to our wedding...can you guess what it is?

....oh yeah....I am posting this HOT video by Beyonce'! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I used to be a hater when she was with Destiny's Child...now that she is solo...the girl is just BAD...in a good way.

Watch and enjoy. Pay attention to the dances around the 0:51 second mark and the 1:31 mark. My bridesmaids and I are SO going to do this dance DURING the wedding! Lmao!

Classy baby...all the way. That second move is a straight "I am a homegirl from Houston" move!

Go Beyonce'...If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it! oh oh oh oh ooooh.


......oh!! Don't forget to VOTE EARLY!!! Texas can Barack the vote starting OCTOBER 20!! I can't wait!!!!!!

(shirts from Urban Outfitters, both out of the Men's Department...I just got a Small in the Men's Department to hug all this jelly:)

Inside Joke:(Are you happy Russel?...best believe I'll be checking for my presence:)


Raven said...

Wedding crap??? Can we find another name for the category? LOL!!!! I am so excited for you two. I love weddings...

Reiko! said...

@Raven...What's wrong with wedding crap? Too strong of a word? LOL...

Reiko! said...

@Raven...see I changed it for you:)

kenge said...

Friend are ya'll matching like you back in 1990 at JY???? Awww they a couple now.

Ummm if I watched the right dances its a little 3rd ward-a-fide but ok. I can't talk we danced to "This is Why I'm Hot" the remix.

Reiko! said...


Those would definitely be the dances I am speaking of...espcially the "wind to the ground move." JY Proud baby!

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