For Barack's Eyes Only...

Dear Barack,

I just wanted to let you know that I voted for you today. I could have waited til Nov. 4 but I simply just couldn't wait that long. I have been looking forward to "our" date all year and I couldn't let anything come in between me and destiny.

I took pictures while I was out voting today becaause I figured you wanted to see what I looked like the day I helped you become part of history. I had every intention on BaRacking my T-shirt but I received several emails stating that could be considered illegal campaigning. I am sure the email was probably circulated by the "haters" but I didn't want to risk standing you up on our first date:)

I decided instead to rock my Sunday's Best. OUR date meant just that much to me. I decided to wear my Black JC PENNEY Cap Sleeve Dress and my multi-colored Anne Klein pumps. I thought you were worth the pumps.

Please know that on NOV. 4, as I await anxiously to see you as the first African American President of the Free world...I will be rocking my Barack T with Skinny Jeans and red pumps.

Enjoy the pictures. YES, WE CAN. YES, YOU WILL. YES I DID!!

UNTIL Nov.4th.....

.....now for all you nosey readers who were just reading my private letter...I have a question. Have you seen anyone rock a McLAME T-shirt. I ask because while I was in Urban Outfitters, I noticed there was not ONE McCain T-shirt. The more I shopped, the more I realized that McCain's probably don't exist. Imagine that!?!?

Barack really is the single image of our Generation! Do you have your Barack T-Shirt? You better get on board...It's the hottest accessory this season!!
15 days until The Change !! AMEN!!!


kenge said...

*eye roll w/head shake*
*side eye*
@last comment.

Head shake when you get on the JC Penny bandwagon you used to shoot me down when I told you to go there.

Lawd Have Mercy!!!!
You sure that not one of them fancy $1,000 bu-tique dresses you like.

Just Kidding!!!! I think I'm going on thur. I have a couple interviews this week.
Yay!!!!! for the special kid..I wanted to say retarded but I'll keep it PC.

Reiko! said...


I am not saying that a JC Penney Convert but I a saying that do have pieces that are cute! I still won't rock a Worthington suit fromt there though until I can be promised that I won't look like a grandma.

On my page, retarded is PC

Raven said...

I love how you had your picture taken!!! Oh and I promise I did not read your letter to the senator.

Barack the vote!!!!!

09 10