The Pleasure Principle

Anyone who knows me...I mean really...knows that I am a Reformed Die Hard Janet Jackson Fan.

The Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour of 1989 was my FIRST concert ever! My dad paid for the ticket but I could only go if my sister took me. Needless to say, she wasn't pleased to be forced to go but she went.

I went dressed in the Janet Jackson Uniform...all black from head to toe...with a key ear ring. Yes, I put my house key on a pair of dollar hoop earrings and embraced the essence of Janet.

Now I was the fan that was obsessed with videos so of course I had each video dance routine programmed in my arsenal. The point is...I was a Janet fan until ...well I got older and realized that she really can't sing.

Fast forward, 19 years and a free ticket later and I am right back at a Janet Jackson concert. My friend called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to the JJ concert for free. I wasn't that enthusiastic so I took my time to confirm that I would go.

Long story short, I decided to go. Being that I am 33 years old, I no longer have "club" clothes so I just threw on jeans, a t shirt and a cap and some chandelier earrings. I tried to find the least "teachery" outfit that I owned. I truly didn't care how I looked so I didn't bother putting any effort into going. Granted, I could have pulled out one of my zillion cute dresses but for some reason, I didn't want to stress about what I wore. The fact that the concert was on a TUESDAY may have something to do with it though...(Dang, I sound old?!)

Remember those days when you would get your hair "done"...wait, wait, wait....Remember when you once would CALL IN to work to get your hair "done"! LOL. New hair, new shoes, and new clothes was prerequisite back in the day. Remember when you would buy a new outfit to go to a concert, or the club...or heck...even the grocery store.

Yeah, that was a long time ago:)

I figured I could kill a few hours laughing at other grown people screaming for Janet...because I am clearly too old for that.

Ummmmmm....yeah...I was cool until Janet hit the stage. Before I knew it, I was standing in the middle aisle performing every boom-boom kat move (those of us who watch Making the Band know what Boom Boom Kat is about).

With the single line "when I was 17, I did what people told me"...and I had instantly regressed back to eighth grade. It's amazing what your brain will remember. My friend was laughing at me because I was really trying to do the dance moves...successfully I might add.

It was a great concert...especially since it was free. Granted, Janet is a little thicker now and moving a little slower now, but it did my heart good.

I thought I had suppressed the 13 year old in me that practiced the whole summer learning her dance moves but it all came rushing back. What can I say? Old fans are true fans!

Oh yeah, we saw her man Jermaine Dupri in the VIP box. He was there for the first of half of the concert...the whole time texting...and disappeared during the second half.

All in all...it was a great night and I am glad that I missed The Housewives of Atlanta to go! Now I must find that old Rhythm Nation album and remember the good old days:)

I tried to take pics of the concert with my camera phone but they didn't come out so great since I couldn't snap and do the Five, Four, Three, Two, One dance from the Rhythm Nation video at the same time. Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about either:)

I dare you to challenge me. I will have a Janet Jackson Dance Off on the drop of a dime! Ask my mom, she will tell ya! Just name the video...Escapade? Control? Alright? Miss You Much? Come Back to Me?

Yes, I know Come Back To Me was a slow song but you have to practice looking out of the window while you sing it. That should prove that I am a TRUE Janet fan:)

Ask my mom, she will tell you. (Tell them mama, I know you are reading this:)

Take a moment to relive your Inner Janet! This was a classic...and if you wonder if I remember every single step in this video...the answer would be "DUH!"...Of course I do:) I might look a hot mess doing it now but the point is that I can still remember the routine!!

In completely random, unrelated news, I would like to share a pic of what one of my students wore to school today! A sweet kid. When I asked him to let me see the shirt, he responded by saying, "Oh, I don't do any of this stuff!"

I asked him why was he wearing it if it didn't represent who he was. What parent lets their 9th grade son out wearing a shirt that glorifies Pimping and Smoking WEED!?! Uggh...I could have had a heart to heart with him about being a man of honor but I figured his momma probably bought the shirt so it must be okay with her. That is usually the case when I question my students on clothes that reveal T & A or are just plain offensive. But, who am I to judge her parenting skills? But I do..and her skills suck!

My people, my people. When is a change going to come?? Yes We Can. This shirt is an accurate representation of the mentality we have to fight everyday as teachers to get them to learn how to use a comma splice or simple punctuation! There is probably more I can say but I will let you do it for me:)

Why work for a regular diploma when the Ghetto Diploma (per the shirt) reaps so many benefits? Heck, I might need to get a Master's in Chillin or Clubbin.

Too late for that, I am already in debt for one degree already.
Aaaah...I digress...back to happier times...I am breaking out into a Janet dance right now!!!


Psyche said...

Loved the Janet concert post! Every time I have to do something out of the ordinary, like "go to the club" I am always stumped as to what to wear. So, I pick my least teachery looks too. Ha.

That t-shirt was something else. Isn't it funny how we black folks seem to have both a respect and a distrust/disdain for education? It's the strangest thing.

Reiko! said...


Thank you. The funny thing is I didn't give two cents what I wore to the concert but I will dress my azz to go to lunch or even a baby shower:) Priorities...Gotta check em...or do I?

Don't even get me started on the education thing:)

thanks for stopping by!

luvinyounow said...

Glad you had fun at the Janet concert!

WOW @ that t-shirt. I get that it's a joke, but I don't think I'm a fan lol. He's probably too young to realize that "others" may see us in things like that and think they're really true. Or maybe he doesn't care. *shrugs*

PhlyyGirl said...

I'm so glad you had fun at the concert. I went when she was in DC last week and I was so geeked cause like you I got a free ticket too.
And I will see your dance off challenge and even throw in my original tour book and t-shirt from her 1993 janet tour! LOL
You weren't the only one in the aisles I'll put it that way.

I don't know what's wrong with kids these days. The shirt doesn't even look cute. I guess that's why your job is so important so that one day, he'll realize how stupid he looks and not want to put it on.

Reiko! said...

@luvinyounow...He indeed is probably too young to understand the message the shirt sends...he thinks it was cool.

Normally I would have shared my big sister cause I love you speech...but I am sure other chances will pop up.

@ PhlyyGirl...Girl, I am the Janet Dance Routine Queen. You win though because I don't have any memorobilia from my first Janet concert!

Raven said...

ANY TIME ANY PLACE....dance off to...Miss You Much! You just say the word. BOOM BOOM KAT!!! Of course I will be breathing hard the whole time, but I still got it. LOL!!! I bet you had fun. I wouldn't have been able to keep cool either. When I went to the Prince concert I lost my voice after the first few songs.

One of my hubby's students had on a shirt that said **brace yourself** "Finally a Black man running...and it ain't from the police" and it had Barack's picture on it. I'm glad my boo isn't in jail for strangling him.

Ali said...


The Janet post was great! I recently saw Madonna and had a similar feelings across the spectrum - feeling really old then feeling really young again. Love the video you posted - I remember thinking that was THE BEST video ever and that she was the coolest most beautiful woman with the coolest hair. Wow, remember when she was Willis Drummond's girlfriend? And Penny before that. Gosh, I'm feeling old again.

Juanette said...

I used to work at a truancy court and I would be shocked, SHOCKED by some of the things that these kids would wear to court, but shocked more so because they would be with their parents! I stopped lecturing the kids and started admonishing the parents because they are SUPPOSED to be the parent. I guess that's why some of them were in truancy court to begin with, no guidance at home.

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