And he didn't just win by the skin of his teeth...He BLEW IT AWAY!!
YES WE CAN! YES HE DID! YES WE CAN! YES I DID!I can't quite put into words what I feel, so I won't even try. I need a few days to soak this all in!
I will say that as a teacher, I noticed something different about my students of color today. They walked with a straighter back and walked a little taller. I didn't have to know they were proud...I SAW IT! I FELT IT!

The first family looked great! Some people are questioning Michelle's dress but I was not offended by it. She basically wore her signature sheath dress but with a little couture thrown in the mix. It was a Narcisco Rodriguez dress from the Spring 09' collection. I liked it personally but some people were a little less enthused.

God willing, I am going to the inauguration so I must invest in some boots...cute but practical and comfortable. That will be my mission. If I don't make it there, rest assured I will be in my Obama gear in my living room on January 20, 2009!

This is not a political blog but this could not be avoided! I am SO proud to be alive during this time. Let's not make the mistake of making him into the next Messiah...He is a man and needs our support and prayers to clean up this mess that the current president is leaving him.

Enough politics, I need a few days to really soak this in...and to find some boots! Here are a few from Nine West.
Even if I don't get to the inauguration, I will be getting some boots in honor of our next president...kind of lame? I agree:)

If Malia and Sasha Obama are getting a new puppy to take to the White House, I can get some boots for putting them in there. I've got to get something out of this deal!
Oh wait...I might need to save my duckets...I have a feeling our current President is about to pull some stunts his last 75 days in office! Sleep with one eye open until January 20, 2009!

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Raven said...

I liked her dress as well. I think she is super classy!!!

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