Tar-Jay Chic

Everyone knows that I am an advocate of all things Target. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good shoe from Nordstrom and of course I am still a lover of boutiques like Melodrama in Houston and Anthropologie.

But I must be honest, I can't always afford to go to the boutiques on my shoe string budget. In a completely random yet slightly related note...Why did Japan just declare themselves in a recession?!? JAPAN!? If Japan has the Kahunas to call a spade a spade, why won't our outgoing President admit that the U.S. is in one.

Anyway, the point is...due to the economy, I have been frequenting Target a little more often these days...not that I mind actually. I find great pieces all the time.

At any rate, I thought I would post what I have been obsessed with lately. Lately, I am into nude colored shoes and tie neck tops. Here is a pic of something I wore to work last week courtesy of Target:) The top and sweater were from Target but the skirt and shoes were courtesy of Anne Klein. I thought I looked pretty cute...but that's just me:)

I have also noticed that my look has become quite conservative these days and has left me with very little "going out" options. I have been to a few parties/outings in the past month and have come to the realization that I don't have any cute evening clothes. I can't rock a cardigan to a club...not that I would go to one but I need atleast one cute sexy black dress. Pretty soon, if I am not careful, I will be rocking School bus Sweaters to parties!

That can't happen...I must up my game!

At any rate, the point is to check out Target from time to time and do a little mix and matching from time to time. Mix your high end pieces with inexpensive pieces and reinvent your look from time to time. I will say that over the past year, my look has been less bohemian and more conservative but I do still like to mix the two.
Update...I thought I would throw in this pic of a suit I wore today. It's one of my favorite suits from a few years ago (Banana Republic). Believe it or not, I wore this suit with my brown and pink Chuck Taylors because I am always running around the school these days! I threw on my trusty Tank from Target and a scarf for a headband. I rarely wear tennis shoes but lately I've been wanting comfort as I trot around that big school:) My students always love when I wear my Chuck Taylors for some reason...GO figure:)


Raven said...

Cute outfit!!! I read Lucky and In Style quite a bit and I don't think any of their fashion editors could have done better!!! Even Miranda Priestly would have cracked a smile!

Raven said...

I am going to get Midnight this weekend. I read the reviews and they were mixed, but I don't care...I just like to read! I'm thinking of starting a book club in the New Year...you game? I will give you more details so don't say no yet. I have thought this through...it will be GREAT!!! Just watch!

Reiko! said...

@Raven...Thanks...I am trying girl...my funds are almost nonexistent these days.

I would be down for a book club...as long as it is co-ed...I can't handle too many women in a room! LOL! I am going to read Midnight over the Thanksgiving Break.

I finished Barack's Book though...It's good but you can't be a dummy if someone tries to read it! LOL

Sean Kyle said...

I must admit that my woman has "upgraded" me and in the process has hipped me to Target. She hasn't gotten me any "purple label" items but there are a few Mossimo pieces in the wardrobe. She's trying to get me into the whole "blazer" look but I don't think I'm feeling that one. Anyway, I must second her opinion of Target. I slept on it for too long. Thanks babe!!!!

Raven said...

Girl...if you can find a man that reads...bring him on!

Psyche said...

Chic looks! I totally feel you on mixing and matching lower priced items with the more expensive ones.

Anonymous said...

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