The Ultimate Dress

Every girl dreams of her wedding dress...atleast every normal girl. Not me, I never was that kid. I just wanted to look fly going to brunches in my 30's.

And then it happened...September 12, I got engaged. You would think that I would have went into overload but I didn't. The chick over at Just Keep Kicking might tell you something different but I really didn't kick into Bridezilla mode.

I honestly have so much on my plate this fall between trying to graduate in December with a Master's in Education and putting Barack into office, I only did bits at a time. I am pretty precise when I know I want something.

Well, I finally decided to browse at some dresses. I wasn't really that excited to venture into bridal shops because I knew I would be overcome by all the blinding pasty white gowns that make you look like cup cakes. With this in mind, I just went on a limb and went by myself to look at dresses. I packed my trusty camera, some heels and my trusty girdle and off I went. No friends. No family. No peanut gallery.

I would watch all these wedding shows like Bridezilla, Platinum Weddings and Whose Wedding Is It Anyway. The brides would always say that you KNOW when you MEET your dress. I thought that was such a corny statment. I figured it wasn't as dramatic as they made it out to be.......................................

Until I FOUND MY DRESS. I promise you, I was not expecting it. I totally was cynical about the whole experience thinking I would breeze in and out completely disgusted by the cookie cutter look. That was until I found my dress. It just felt right.

I wish I could post pics, but I won't because a certain person lurks on this page...actually has seen the dress already. Yes, I broke tradition and let him see the dress! TSK TSK!

SAVE IT. I am so not a traditional person so it wasn't that big of a deal. Plus I looked like a wolf in the pic...no make up, etc...so he won't remember which one it is. But the point was that he is the one I want to impress so I feel he should have a say so. Quite honestly, he was indifferent to my choice but I also know that he is the type of person that needs to see something live and in color!

It's not the same. On that day...with the make-up, hair and nerves in place...I will be a new vision...I am sure of it. I BETTER BE!!

At any rate. I had the moment. I literally said aloud "THIS IS THE DRESS, THIS IS THE DRESS!"

I love it. I learned early on that I am a fan of rouching, mermaid style and a sweetheart neckline and all of those elements came together in this dress! I wish I could post it but I won't until after the wedding.

At any rate, there were several dresses that were atrocious and quite hilarious and I thought those pics would be way more interesting.

Judge me not...I had no make up and was totally bumming that day. None of these accentuated the flyness that is moi' so they didn't make the cut but they were worth blogging about in that I knew what to get.

Excuse the excess back and belly jelly...that will be taken care of by the time the wedding rolls around. I plan on being heavily addicted to crack by the wedding date to lose weight...it's the American way!

I kid. I kid...(have a sense of humor please!) In all honesty, I want to look like myself...just a better, more toned me!
(now let Operation Crackhead begin...Pray for me!)
By the way, David's Bridal sucks:(


Karla said...

Yay! Dress shopping. I know you will look fly in whichever one you chose. Do you think the economic downturn has affected the price of crack? If not, you better buy in bulk.

Reiko! said...

@Karla, I suspect crack to be a littl emore expensive but I am willing to pay the price to be two sizes smaller! LOL...I kid. I kid.

Raven said...

Laughing. My. Ass. Off. You really did it!!!! When you mentioned doing a blog...I thought...will she??? Too funny!!!!! It looks like you had a blast. Well one thing is for certain...your dress is FIYAH (fire) and little brother won't know what hit him when he sees you in it!!!!!

Reiko! said...

@ Raven...I told you I was gonna do it!!!

Milan said...

I luv your hair!

Reiko! said...

@ Milan...Thank you very much!

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