My $30,000 Dress...You Read that Right

Yep, I just bought a $30,000 dress. It comes with the flyest cap! It's one size fits all and looks good on any skin type, gender or body shape. I have been working on getting in this dress and hat for a few years now and I finally got it!

It's my Graduation Cap and Gown! I finally completed my last assignment to be the proud owner of my very own "I Am in More Debt" Card also known as a Master's Degree in Education Administration.
So what am I going to do now, you ask? Ummmm....wait for the bill to pay back my student loan to come in the mail? That's pretty much as far as I can see.

Nonetheless, I set a goal and finally completed it. Unfortunately, I own the dress "metaphorically" because my school is not holding a December ceremony. Therefore there was no need to actually acquire the cap and gown. But I am wearing an invisible one right now...can you see it? I look good, don't!?!!

Well, this is my sole form of celebrating. This is it. So the next time you pop another drink in your mouth...do it in honor of me...I deserve it!

......now where is that Kanye West's first cd "College Dropout", I feel the need to cry myself to sleep knowing that idiots like Lil Wayne and Rihanna make more than me and they can't even balance a school budget...I can...I have a degree that says so!

(P.S...I don't really know if my "dress" was really $30,000...I'm too scared to add it all up:(

Congratulations to RAVEN and IVY LEAGUE...they just bought the same dress this weekend too!


Karla said...

Congrats, Reiko!!! And don't worry, the lender will be more than happy to add that up and then multiply it by interest.

IvyLeague said...

Funny!!! Yesterday I read a post it that said, "I may be deep in debt, but I have letters behind my name!" That's us baby!!!

Reiko! said...

Very true to both of you!

Raven said...

Congrats Sis!!!! I love your dress!!! LOL!!! I can't wait to see pictures of you in it at the grand ball in May.

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