I've Been Tagged

Who knew that someone cares about me in the blog world. My homie over at Confessions a Former Hot Girl thought I was worthy to be tagged. She actually wants to know more about me! Can you believe that?!? Little Old Me:)

So, I will just get to the point. The purpose of being "tagged" is to get know random bits about a person so here goes...

1. I snore. There I said it. I had my tonsils taking out thinking it would eliminate the problem but sadly it did not. It is partly the reason why I never did/do sleepovers...I am too embarrassed:(

*cue the violins*

2. I don't do small talk. You can ask anybody...I do not believe in chit chat. If I don't have anything specific or meaningful to say...I am quiet as a mouse. Even in a grocery store, if someone asks me a random question, I will answer it and turn right background. Actually small talk annoys me to no end...I hate to hear meaningless banter and I don't like entertaining people who are full of it. Some people say I am rude, I just like to get to the point.

3. I am truly ready to get 2008 over with! I am so over it. I didn't have the greatest year and I can't wait to pass it on by.

4. Up until a few years ago, I literally had a fear of airports...not airplanes....not flying...AIRPORTS. I would refuse to go at all cost and rarely drove/picked up anyone from the airport if it required me walking into the actual building. I think I may have been lost in the airport when I was little, so possibly I was traumatized.

5. My major in college was Journalism and minored in Psychology but I was only a few courses shy of having a minor in Western Religion. I took alot of courses on religions because I am genuinely interested in the origins of parables and stories of the bible. I even took a course named Black Churches in American where the origins of Black churches was investigated.

6. I have been known to walk out of a church if the sermon is boring or if I don't get a good vibe. I have actually walked out of a church when a random guest speaker picked me out of the congregation and told me that God said I was going to be in politics. Everybody around me knows I don't want to work man! He also said that God told him that I wanted to be on the cover of a magazine one day. I refused to bow my head to that nonsense for I felt I was being mocked. While everyone's head was still down in prayer, I grabbed the then BF and left. We drove to Carrabas to have lunch and a drink! I will walk out of a church if I don't feel it is genuine or the service is too long. I am not proud of it...I'm just saying! LOL
*Bonus*- I don't eat rice. I hate it. And I secretly want to cuss people out who want to make me try it "just this once". I HATE RICE!! There I said it. It has no taste, it serves no purpose and there is no room for rice in my life! LOL

I will pass the tag onto Raven. She is quite hilarious and an intriguing person to learn about:)

(Hey BF, I know too much about you so don't go tripping:)

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kenge said...

Ummm should u be sleep after your evening out. I'm just saying. Are you suppose to tag someone else. Well dang I didn't karla is lucky I like her and responded. I'm do it eventually. Let me think.

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