Crisis Averted

I am one week from making the trip to the East Coast to witness Obama be sworn into office. I am a Texan where cold weather is theoretically a thing of the past. With that said, it's needless to say that I don't own boots. I have cute boots but not real boots.

I have been on the hunt for boots for my Philly/Washington D.C trip so I can be warm and cute at the same time. You can see for yourself on earlier posts that I have been looking for coats & boots for a minute. The truth is I have no money to try spulrging on coats and boots for just a single weekend because trust me I won't need them in Texas. If you want to know why I am broke, read this post.

So, long story short, I am fiddling around in my closet and came across some boots my Mommy gave me a few years ago. I never, ever wore them. Quite honestly, I saw they were a size 9 and wondered to myself why mom didn't know my shoe size was an 8-8 1/2 but didn't question her. If I had complained, then I wouldn't have gotten the checker/chess set the next Christmas or the Yoga mat this Christmas. (I know not to bite the hand that feeds me:)

At any rate, so all week I have been stalking after Christmas online sales trying to find some cute, cheap riding boots and a coat for the trip but not wanting to dish out the money. Well, I pulled out the boots and decided to try them on and guess what... I LOVE THEM!!! They fit perfectly over my thick calves and were big enough to throw some big socks and stuff my skinny jeans inside them!! WHAT WAS I THINKING? WHERE HAVE I BEEN? They are perfect, perfect, perfect. They are black and come high enough and are flat which were the requirement.

Mother does know best! She knew that the size 9 would fit because of socks and here I am not rocking the boots all this tme!! Thank you Mother! I will be rocking these babies tough in Philly:)

...as far as the coat, I have one from a few years ago that I got from H & M but in my head, I thought it wasn't thick enough. So, I thought instead of buying one, I would borrow from my homie who is born and bred in BWOOKLYN! (yes BWOOKLYN, not BROOKLYN). Well she trots over my house with what looks like jackets to me but swears that they ward off zero below weather! At any rate, she had a cute little coat that is just perfect for me. Thus, no money needs to be spent on this trip!

All there is for me to do is be in the place next week. I can't wait! You won't hear from me until after the inauguration but I will try my best to get pics of Philly and DC flavor if I see it:)

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Karla said...

Happy travels! I'll be watching all the hubub from afar.

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