Losing My Head!

I have really been into accessories as of late...especially headbands. I have a new hairstyle for Spring Break and needed something to jazz it up. I have been in the habit of finding cute headbands for a while for Small Fry but never for myself...that is until I needed an head upgrade myself.

The best places to buy cheap accessories is hands down Forever 21. Don't be scared to bump the teenagers out of the way to grab a cute pair of cheap earrings or scarves. I stumbled upon a few headbands and decided to indulge myself. Another great place is Urban Outfitters for the more quirky accessories but sometimes they lose their minds with their prices.

At any rate, as my Spring Break winds down...enjoy a few cute finds and a pic of me rocking a rose headband and a scarf (don't mind my eyes being closed...I was trying to practice putting eye shadow on).

Oh I have the one with the leaves too...love love love. While I was at it, I found some pics of wedding headbands/accessories for weddings from this site. I definitely think it's a possiblity for my bridal look:)

The very last pic with the black headband and birdcage veil is actually from Urban Outiftters. I have to keep that in mind when I'm shopping for bridal headgear!

I'll be back with something worthy of posting when I stumble upon it:)

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