Mortgage Crisis!

These shoes could possibly be the reason why so many people are suffering with their mortgages. Women are risking their mortgage just to slide their feet into these delightful slices of heaven. They are b.e.a.u.t.i....ah, yeah you get the picture!!
These are so pretty that I wouldn't even put them in the closet...they would sit smack dab on my dresser for me to wake-up and worship every morning...(just kidding...I know who my God is:)

I haven't been super inspired by anything lately and haven't been anywhere as of late that was worth bragging about but these Louboutin's do the trick for me.

I won't even rant and rave about them...just look at them! I would SO wear these babies to my wedding with a knee length dress but of course judging from the price, I would be homeless after I purchased them.

So instead, I will just ogle these beauties and ask this crafty chick to get her trusty glue gun and left over rose petals from somewhere and make them for me! Lol!

.....A girl can wish can't she? Just look at them!


Married To It said...

oh Carrie! You will be literally be the old women who lives in her shoes keep it up.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@Married To it:

Yes, they are very Carrie from Sex and the City but I can look. I couldn't even gather enough paychecks to even begin buying those babies!

Raven said...

MUST. HAVE. PINK. SHOE...NOW!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!! Why would you post that???? Now I am wondering how much plasma I would have to sale, how many lap dances I would have to give, and how many more sports my hubby can coach for me to have those darn shoes!

**throwing myself on the floor in despair**

God's Favorite Shoes! said...


LMAO...you will need to sell your children's plasma too if you want to buy those shoes! Aren't they just darling!

Big Girl said...

seriously cute, but I almost choked when I saw the price. Guess I'll stick with what I got.

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