Princess Chic!

Somebody I know very well is about to have his 30th birthday on April 1st! He believes in all things Prince. Ironically enough, I have noticed numbers of Prince vintage T's popping up everywhere. I even bought the birthday boy a gray Purple Rain T-shirt for Christmas from Urban Outfitters and of course he worships it.

I even backdoored Urban Outfitters a month or so later and bought the exact same gray T-shirt in the men's department in a size Small because SOMEBODY would not let me wear his! (I got mine for 10 bucks too...sticking my tongue out:)

Then Beyonce' popped up with this fabulous Prince "Life is a Parade" T-shirt and I just about died! I pictured me rocking the heck out of it with jeans and red pumps! I found the shirt and of course it is on back order but I can't wait to wear it! B-day boy will get a kick out of it.

That's my Bday gift to the birthday boy...Me rocking a Prince T in his honor! That' a win, win situation!

...By the way...I tried to find a vintage Prince video on youtube or ANYWHERE on the web for this post....ummm...didn't happen...Prince does not play with his money or his image!

Can't say I blame him!


Anonymous said...

My fav Prince tunes: Boys and Girls, Mountains, Darling Niki, Lady Cab Driver, Let's Go Crazy...hell everything on Purple Rain, Under the Cherry Moon, 1999...hell errything!

Ah...Me So Hongry! said...

Dang it I picked the wrong bubble and now I'm anonymous.

One Bride with Broom said...

I was looking online for a Prince song the other day, and yeah, it was a no-go. I'm not mad at him though, that's why we love him!

I think I may have to get a few of these shirts and make them staples in my wardrobe!

09 10