God Bless America Ferrera's Closet!

I love, love America Ferrera's style! She may play Ugly Betty but her wardrobe is anything but. I. Must. Have. Every. Item. In. Her. Closet....STAT!

She knows how to play up her curves. The power of a belt, precise tailoring and I am pretty sure great undergarments makes all the difference! I can't even post all of the pics I have because there are just too many.

She is my new style icon!


Ah...Me So Hongry! said...

She has a cute shape...I'll take it.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

I heart her style!

Anonymous said...

wonder why everyone calls if curves..we know that it is overweight,,,which there is nothing wrong with being healthy

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@Anonymous...mother, seriously...stop it. Everybody is not fat. Geesh Mom! LOL. Can you blogstalk somebody else..and quit trying to be anonymous...I know it's you...I'm standing right over your shoulder!

...Please excuse this conversation all my wonderful readers:)

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