I Want to Be a Rapper...

Well, that's not completely accurate. I want to be a Wrapper as in the owner of all things that wrap my body...as in Wrap dresses.
I am a supporter, endorser and all around believer in the wrap dress. The wrap dress in general is so forgiving of all of our imperfections while accentuating the positives...if we wear them right.

I have been seeing these One Size Fits All/Can be Worn in a zillion ways Wrap dresses for a while and I have finally come to the conclusion that I love them. Do I own one? Of course not...not one like these...but we are in a recession, right? *snicker,snicker*
Would I love one? Certainly.

I have just discovered this wonderful website called Etsy where crafty people sell anything from wrap dresses to custom doormats (if you are into that kind of thing). These sellers put items they make with their own hands on the website and cut out the "middle man" from making a profit.
*Disclaimer: I don't really know if there is a "the man" when trying to create a business but in my head there is...and because this is an equal oppurtunity blog from my brain..the man can be green, purple, yellow...heck "the man" can be a woman for all I care). I had to throw this disclaimer in there...people are TOUCHY about certain stuff. Ay' carumba!*
I digress. (again).
We all know someone who makes their own cake toppers, dresses, hats...heck even their own curtains and pillow cases. We say to that person "you should really think about selling that"...well Etsy is for that type of person.
Anywho, as I was looking for wedding dresses...who am I kidding?
I already know where my wedding dress is at. I should say I was surfing for cute dresses and I stumbled upon the Wrap dress that can be worn in multiple ways. I immediately thought about all of us who have hips and curves galore and want to be sexy and comfortable. Well this is the dress, all WRAPPED up in one.

I love the multiple ways these dresses can be worn and can be dressed up or down. The possibilities are endless. And doesn't this just make our hearts feel like we are buying "smart." Instead of buying one dress, buy a dress that can be worn 10 different ways. Throw on a blazer, add a belt and just be.

I want to be a wrapper...doesn't everybody these days:)
....While I was perusing Etsy, I discovered that they have one of my desires...a KIMONO ROBE!
I'm talking about a real one. I have been longing for one of these every since I saw Carrie Bradshaw rocking one on Sex and the City years ago. Every since then I have been looking for an authentic Kimono with an obi sash. Yes, I am serious too. MISTER (as in the Color Purple; as in my fiance') questioned me endlessly about where would I wear it...doesn't he know by now that I MULTI-PURPOSE everything? It's main function would be a robe...but don't think I won't shorten it to knee length and where it as a cocktail dress or throw some skinny jeans on. Don't you tempt me...I will do it!

So, now I just have to wait for a holiday to roll around to beg for one...do people get gifts for Memorial Day? I think I am going to start a new tradition in my household!

*I didn't put a direct link to each item, well because I am lazy. But you can just go to Etsy.com and put in key words like wrap dress or kimono robe and it will direct you to the correct link. While you are on there...buy me something:) Anything.


Ah...Me So Hongry! said...

I concur. The wrap dress rocks!

Anonymous said...

yall have got to be kidding...been there did that...can't we just get fresh things that are not retro...please save me from the wrap dress oooh

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@Ah...Me So Hongry...the wrap dress is the bomb.

@Anonymous...ummm...mother please stop it!

Anonymous said...


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