Dear Bridesmaids,

Dear Bridesmaids,

I know you have been worried that I will put you in pink tafetta or puffy sleeves or a long gown. Please put your minds at ease. I pray that you know that I want you to be sexy and comfortable for my wedding. Does this mean you will have a free for all? Not exactly. Will you get to wear something that makes you feel pretty? Absolutely!

I envision a chic black cocktail dress vibe and my utmost concern is that you are able to wear your dress again and again. Trust me, I have 4 bridesmaids dresses in my closet that have never been worn again and it burns me up to know that I was willing to purchase a royal blue gown at the age of 20 when I know that I would never have a chance to wear it again.

So with that said, God and I have come to an agreement to allow you the freedom to choose your dress with the following inspiration board in mind. Should you purchase before emailing a picture first? Of course not, but if it's black, sexy, fitted and chic, chances are I will say yes.

I have no intentions of making you looking like evil stepsisters. I don't even want you to all wear the same exact dress. That can't be fun. As long as I have final say, the dress is black and the shoes are red, I say go for it! You all know that I must have a pop of color in everything I do. Just pick a pair of red God's Favorite Shoes and be happy!

With that said, enjoy this inspiration board. This just serves as a little guide to follow as you shop or sift through countless websites and bridesmaid catalogs. I had you in mind...not completely true...I had my wedding pictures in mind. I know you all personally and I know that you all could use another LBD (little black dress) in your closet. By all means, don't spend all your duckets on your dress...you have to save that to buy us a wedding gift!

Enjoy...feel free to ask questions. Oh, a word of advice...don't even think about going to one of those cookie cutter bridal shops that have a section just for bridesmaids. I rebuke that in the name of Jesus. Think chic, cocktail, sexy and comfortable.

*** update...I found these great alternatives to the above bridesmaids dress. These are BCBG dresses from Nordstroms. I love the fact that they complement each other. LOVE LOVE LOVE...Dreams do come true:)


Oh...MISTER, mother dear and mother n' law dear...God has a special word for you coming soon too:)

P.S....Dyeable shoes are a no no...A real shoe please! Go all the way Sex and the City with the shoes please...Just make sure it's not a shoe that I will wear, I will win that battle. Toodles!

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