Signed...Sealed...Delivered (almost)....

So, I went dress shopping out of the blue again. I went last year and picked my dress and for the most part, I made peace with my decision. I would randomly peek at a dress here and there on the internet but felt pretty confident that the search was over. That doesn't ever stop us from looking, does it:)

I made a trip back to the bridal shop where I was pretty intent on putting down a deposit to order my dress....of course, I had to see what was new while I was there.

I am not a huge fan on trying on clothes in general but I have definitely learned that with bridal shopping, it's a whole new ballgame. So I picked about six new dresses that caught my eye and of course I brought along the one that I was just seconds away from ordering.

On the way to the fitting room, with six dresses over my shoulder, I walk past the bridesmaid dress aisle and see this ivory little frock hanging out of place. It immediately caught my eye! I thought to myself..."Self, grab that dress because that looks like it might be cute."

So, I threw that dress over my shoulder and proceeded to the fitting rooms. I tried on a few pretty dresses but none that trumped my "original" dress...the dress that was the sole reason of my trip to the bridal ship in the first place.

I took a few pictures but didn't feel too connected to any of them because the dresses were ridiculously priced...even for me...and everyone who knows me know that I will forfeit a week's meal for a cute dress.

So, right before I tried on my "original" dress just to make sure that it still made me squeal, I threw on the bridesmaid....and HOLD THE PRESSES!!! I freaking loved it! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! It was so totally me! It embodied my attitude completely and I felt all at once absolutely myself but waaaaaaaayyyyyy better looking!

Was I about to really throw my "wedding dress" to the side for something a little less traditional? Surely not right?

So, I pranced and danced and strutted across the bridal floor and took pictures. I had to try on the "original baby" on. I couldn't very well give my attention to something else. WRONG. I put on the dress and granted I still loved it...but it didn't express completely who I am as a person....so long story short...I went with my first mind and changed dresses officially.

I could not be any happier! It is super fabulous and I can't wait to wear it! Therefore, I can share with you the original dress that almost made the cut.

The saleslady took my measurements for the NEW IT dress and of course pressured me to make a deposit. I almost did, but decided to wait one more day....and I am sssssssooooooo glad that I didn't!

I went online last night to just find a picture of the new IT dress and low behold what did I find? I found the same dress literally about 80 bucks cheaper if I ordered online. What is this? My wedding dress will be under 200 bucks and not get charged all those bridal shop fees...SAY WHAT!?!

So, this makes me happier than a jitterbug (I'm from the south:) So, I have purchased my dress and have alot more cash to play with for some fab shoes...my dress is short, so shoes must be off the hook! This means I officially have a dress for a fraction of the price and I feel like I am not compromising anything at all! That's a win, win situation if you ask me. This was literally first purchase or action made toward the wedding. It was a commitment but one that I will not lose one momen of sleep debating.

And the fact that I get to be a sassy bride for a fraction of the price makes my heart sing Jesus songs! Plus, I never really wanted to feed into the "wedding machine" where I am walking around in a million dollar frilly dress that I will never wear again.

(Don't get me started on the "big business" of weddings...do you really need a program at the wedding? Must I waste your time watching me poor sand in a bottle to signify our union? Why can't the bridesmaids walk down the aisle with a fabulous clutch purse in their hands instead of some flowers that will die? Do you really feel I am less than a bride if we don't do the whole "get the garter off my leg" bit? I think not...but that's a post for another day...possibly for another blogsite....I digress...)

With that said, I can officially reveal THE DRESS that is no LONGER THE DRESS. It is the larger picture in the 4 framed box. It was an Allure dress with the black sash that was a little over 600 bucks I think. TSK TSK...now that I got an even better dress for alot less. I threw in a few other pics of my dress fittings for fun. I won't post pictures of THE NEW WINNER Dress for obvious reasons but just know that I am so channeling the Carrie Bradshaw in me!

P.S...I even found the exact dress that I longed for in a previous post...didn't feel as great on me but it did confirm my love for the bolero.


MochaTrina said...

I like the one at the top with the black ribbon. Not so much the ivory one on the bottom. BUt, I didnt get as excited with either as I did with IT dress!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Yes, the one with the black sash is the one that almost made the cut until of the discovery of THE dress. There's no turning back now...It's ordered and its way. Gotta work on my swexy now...gotta get some muscles in my back like Angela Basset!

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