Will Work for Shoes!

If you wonder what my wedding dress looks like now that I've ordered it but can't post a picture yet. Jjust imagine the dress you think would go with these Fabulous Slices of Holiness and you will probably be right!

I won't dare post the price of this shoe. I would be too shame to even type the numbers knowing that I survive on a teacher's salary. Put it this way, these shoes are about 8 times more than my beautiful wedding dress. Better yet, the guests at the wedding will each have to take turns taking a picture WITH the shoe because there would be no food there to feed them to cover the cost of the shoe!

But, oh...how they would make me happy on my wedding day!! And would most definitely complete the whole ensemble. Simply beautiful!

The teacher in me will send you on a little scavenger instead. The shoes are Christian Louboutin's Bouqet Platforms. I can't very well post a link to everything...that would make you lazy...and make me feel a little less guilty about having to subject you to such an astronomically priced shoes!

Do you think Marshall's has the knock-offs of these? Probably not. Back to Zappos.com I go!

What I can post is the inspiration for my dress. This is from the now defunct tv show THE GAME. I got my dress before I saw this but let's just say, this picture makes me happy.

It is not the dress...I repeat...NOT the dress but definitely in the same family:) The search is officially over. The dress is ordered and on it's way:)


MochaTrina said...

Lovely...now is the time when a "hook up" is most definitely needed.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...


Juanette said...

I ran across your blog today and I LOVE it! You are a woman after my own fashion heart! Can you please send me an email and let me know where you purchased your dress, I am on the hunt for something similar....Thanks and feel free to check out my blog as well:


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thank you for stopping by Juanette! I sent you an email:) I was having trouble posting comments on your posts on your blog though:)

Anonymous said...

do you know who this dress is designed by?

Allee said...

Hello! I know you posted this back in May. As I am just now planning my wedding Melanie wore my dream dress on The Game. While reading your post you said that yours is similar... would you mind telling me where you found it? all242@email.vccs.edu

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

omg.....i have ben wondering where to shop to get a dress like that it is ma dream ball dress can u please please tell mi where i get one............thank u

starr19882006 said...

Hii ii am soo iin love wiith Melaniies dress can u please please emaiil me where u purchased yours at ii would soo appreciiate iit!
Thank You


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