Okay. I am GOOD!

My friend is getting married in a few weeks and needed a pair of fabulous green shoes. They weren't just any kind of green...they were this lemon-y green that couldn't be found or possibly never existed.

She would call me from store to store and tell me that she hadn't found any luck yet. She almost settled on some cute pointed toe green something or others. The wedding is just in two weeks and I think she just wanted the process over with.

So, insert me into this story. I have a bad habit of becoming obsessed with a vision coming to life once I get involved. All week, I have been sending her pictures of shoes that she and her bridesmaid could wear. They were all just ideas...and quite frankly, it gave me something constructive to do while I count down the last nine days until my summer vacation. (Yay Teachers!)

Fast forward to yesterday, and I decide to get fitted for bras in Nordstrom's.

Long story short: Macy's is/was having a great sale and I needed new fabulous undergarments. When I got to Macy's, there was literally one sales associate working the whole floor and it didn't look like she was about to stop what she was doing to measure me. So, I got the bright idea to go to Nordstrom's to get "fitted and sized" and then come back to Macy's. I KNOW...SO scandalous but Nordstrom's wasn't having a great bra sale!
I thought the idea was pretty nifty personally:)

So, after I got my "drive-by" fitting, of course I had to browse the shoe department...WHO KNEW they were having the Sale of the year up in there! It was all kinds of mayhem going on. And I got sucked in. Since I now have my wedding dress, it's only right that I just browse or shall I say "look", that sounds alot less calculating.

So, I am browsing and walking and dreaming...and behold I came across this Delicious Green shoe! It stopped my heart like it was for my wedding and it clearly wasn't. I grabbed that baby and immediately called my friend to tell her about the shoe....of course she didn't answer...(just like in the movies).

I flipped the shoe over and WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?!?? Only $39.90 for this shoe. I had all sorts of excitement run through me (yes they have medication for that). I had never seen the exact green that my friend wanted yet. The only frame of reference I had was the color of her wedding invitation. It was the only pair in the entire store and it just so happened to be in her size, not that I really remembered her size but in a perfect world, she could fit it:)

So, I figured, I'll get the $40 shoes and if she doesn't like it...I can take it back. I bought the shoe and finally got in touch with her and had her meet me immediately...AND SHE LOVED IT!

When I say Love, I really mean Worship. Loved it as in she gasped and proceeded to prance in them right there in the middle of Marshall's (which was our meeting place...isn't it everyone's meeting place?)

I don't know why I got joy of that moment but I did. Maybe it's the inner stylist in me rearing it's ugly, conceited head. I KNEW THAT WOULD BE THE SHOE! I just knew...I felt like I single handedly gave her wedding the shoe it deserved. I am going too far with this, aren't I? (Forgive me, since I am done with graduate school, I find all kinds of things to fill the void).

Anyway...enough of the long story...I present to you THE GREEN SHOE THAT SAVED THE DAY (great book title).

These BP Enlightment Slingbacks are no longer available at Nordstrom's because of me and I take a little pride in that! I hope to find some kitten heeled versions in the future for my mom to wear at my wedding. She is already tall enough but something along these lines will suit her just swell.

...oh, and I may or may not have ordered the Red version for my wedding:) I am thinking about wearing two different shoes for the ceremony and reception...These are certainly more budget friendly than the LOUBOUTIN'S in the post below. I KNOW MY LIMITS...OR DO I??

(I feel a little wedding planner bug buzzing around in me...does being a Master of Googling and having a penchant for finding the right shade of green qualify me as such...I shall ponder)



Thank you Dear Fiance' for your Magic Macy's Card...I DID GOOD! (bad grammarintentional here:)

***P.S.*** Why did I just talk to my sister (Maid of Honor) and she informed me that she wants a red shoe with a RED SOLE...as in some CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN'S ?...IS SHE CRAZY!!

Here I am about to order our wedding reception dinner from Church's Chicken and she wants some RED SOLES?!? NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY WILL BE ROCKING RED SOLED SHOES AT MY WEDDING UNLESS IT IS ME OR Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada movie coming to personally attend my wedding!

SO unless you are going to buy some Louboutin's to PRESENT them to me as a surprise wedding gift...Back to MARSHALL'S you go dear sister!

  1. But in the event that you are trying to surprise me...focus on the Black/White Christian Louboutin Bouqet shoes in the below post or even these...INCREDIBLE!

HE-HE-HE......I Kid. I Kid...No Church's Chicken either...It will be Houston's finest...Frenchy's Chicken! LOL


MochaTrina said...

LMAO...You've been a busy little blogger. I will be wearing red soled shoes...spray paint. JK...that's a tad ghetto. And, yes googling does qualify you as a wedding planner. How do you think I got my next two gigs coming up this year. HA HA HA...for real. Kudos to you for saving the day!!! Maybe you're in the wrong profession...perhaps fashion or interior design? Hmmmm??????? girl aint nothing like a good fitting bra...and you got those hoes for $60. Perhaps you should become a personal shopper too.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Personal Shopper...that's the job I need! But I don't know any uber wealthy people who are too lazy to shop nor do I know any celebrities...so Teaching I must stick to! LOL

It's A Jaime Thing said...

I love your blog! I love your taste in shoes, tooooo!!! Keep up the fun posts, I look forward to reading more -


Jaime ;)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thank you Jaime! Thanks for the words! I hopped over to your site and loved it as well! I shall be back!

Shretha said...

Good job on your Mother-in-Laws dress. I love your style. You got it! Everybody don't got it (bad grammar)But, babaaa... you got it!

Philipp said...

The green shoes that saved the day are very nice and elegant!

Vivienne said...

woah I know this post is a little older but I found it via the green shoes pic and I need to inform you that you just made me sit in front of the laptop for such a long time just to find nice green shoes... :D I'm in love with those shoes!

PBHS 1997 Reunion - 10 Year said...

I love the green BP shoes, can you tell me the style name / #? I chatted with Nordstrom customer service and they are not able to locate it. How long ago did you get them? I would love to get a pair for my wedding.

Thanks in advance,

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Hi! I am so sorry but I don't know where else you should look except Nordstrom's. The shoe number is BP enlightenment #235545.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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Lisa Walter said...

OH MY....I can certainly see why you both went crazy for that green shoe.....they are giving me goosebumps...tell me where this wedding is...I'm doing to crash it and take those shoes when she takes them off to dance! Just kidding, but they are seriously georgous....I'm having the same kind of palpatations that I did when I saw Christina Aguiler's green dress (same luminous green as those shoes)in the movie Burlesque....wow...they are amazzing...

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