Drop and Give Me TWENTY, You MAGGOTS!

I joined a month long Work Out Boot Camp to shed some summer pounds...Is it normal to want to puke the entire work out? Hope so.

I had a fear that the trainer was going to be some uber hostile Army guy but it was this really nice lady who closely resembled Vera from In Living Color.

I didn't do great, hence the urge to projectile vomit during the sit ups but I made it through the end. I expected to be the slowest person there but there was this one woman there that was just plain ridiculous. She was barely lifting her legs off the ground to just walk, and she was smaller than me. Maybe, she has some pre-existing health conditions, so I won't mock her. But I will mock the fact that she wore a swimsuit and a swim cover up to work out in. What was she thinking?

But who am I to judge? She wasn't the one about to haul azz in the opposite direction of the class...I was! So the joke is really on me isn't it?

Anywho...not much to post right now...oh except that I found a cute Tracy Reese dress on sale and it is the official last purchase for a while...okay...until after Boot camp (let's be realistic). I am wearing this to a wedding on Sunday. I am a hostess for the wedding and the colors are green and black...This was my way of fitting into the color scheme.

The dress criss crosses in the back as well. This is worn without Spanx...That won't be the case at the wedding. I have on flats in the pic but when I wear my heels, I am sure to look longer...aka leaner.

Toodles...Must go pray before Boot Camp


MochaTrina said...

LMAO...Well I'll tell ya this. You haven't quit, so you're on the right track! Keep on Keeping ON! Remember you're going from very little activity to Olympic training.

That dress is cute! Where do you shop? I'm not going to go get the same dress. I was just wondering. I know I won't be able to fit anything there anyway. Well keep up the good work and like I said before, "YOU CAN DO THIS!"

MochaTrina said...

Any you know you don't look that bad in the dress, but you know your body.

Karla said...

Keep up the good work! Boot camp is grrrrreat!

Very cute dress.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thank you! I am trying to work that jelly and look good with the jelly at the same time:)

Stormy Vawn Bradley said...

That dress is lovely.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thank you!

Raven said...

Oh My...wait...did you really type a nice lady that resembles Vera on In Living Color? Am I the only one to catch that...???? Okay...back to the post.

**tears streaming down my face as I laugh**

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

It's true! (he he he)

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