I Am Good! Part 2)

This was a busy weekend. There was my friend's wedding and my future mother in law's birthday. There was a common theme among both of them...I helped style both of them. Well, I sort of did...keep reading.

Let me start by saying that the older I get, I realize that I can do more than just teach ungrateful high students how to understand Romeo and Juliet...I actually like personal shopping for others and I enjoy the creative side of weddings.
First, my future mom n' law...aka "Mrs. Ball State University".
She turned the big 5-0 this weekend and looked fabulous doing so. A few months ago...well, alot of months ago, she had me tag along while she went shopping.
I encouraged her to enjoy the splendid treasures of Club Tar-Jay (Target) and she came out with a few cute pieces.

We found this beautiful Isaac Mizrahi Shirtdress under thirty bucks and she finally wore it on her birthday. She paired it with same strappy sandals and this bad azz blue/turquoise (never been that good with naming colors) handbag. Of course, I had something to do with forcing her hand to buy the purse.

Doesn't she look fab! Granted the handbag cost more than the dress but that's the beauty of fashion...to mix and match!

Whenever she gets tired of this look, she could have the sleeves taken off by a tailor, pop the collar tall and wide and throw on yellow accessories...BAM! A whole new outfit!

Also this weekend, a friend of mine got married. You may recall me saving the day by finding her wedding shoes for $40 at Nordstrom's. Well, the big day arrived and she looked FABULOUS in my creation (lol at "my creation).

She rocked the Apple Kiwi Green shoes with her wedding dress and it matched perfectly. I was the hostess and wore the green dress from the previous post. Of course, I forced her to showcase the shoes for my own personal gratification and selfish reasons. (insert evil laugh here) She wore her own dangling gold earrings and green bangles to give it a modern/eclectic look.

I also wanted to share with you her dress that she wore to her rehearsal the day before. We went to Marshalls's (of course) to pick out a dress for her bridesmaid. T, that's what we will call her...wanted to incorporate green into every aspect of her wedding.

We grabbed this beautiful green, silky dress off the rack for under $49. The goal was for the bridesmaid to wear the dress for the weddng but somehow it never made it past T. Go figure. T claims the dress belonged on her body thus she kept it.
She rocked the dress at the wedding rehearsal with a black braided belt from Urban Outfitters, pewter heels and of course her Mantilla Wedding veil. Hey...why not...get as much wear you can out of it right?

This dress actually wasn't the exact green she needed which also contributed to the bride wearing the dress for herself. I believe the dress was made by Donna Ricco, I will check with her and update if that is not correct.

Still a cute look. Simple, classy, flattering, chic and can be worn over and over again. This is how you have a chic and affordable wedding.

You need a personal stylist? A personal shopper? Hire me! You would be helping the economy and by "economy", I mean ME!

Lastly, I wanted to share this one photo of a guest at the wedding. I had to take a picture of Ms. Tonya because she rocked her curves to death! I love it when women aren't afraid to celebrate their shape and do it with confidence. Two things drew me to this outfit...The neckline she created with the bolero and the belt! Perfect! Don't be afraid of patterns, solid colors can be boring.

I am practicing what I preach by wearing more patterns this summer:) I kind of feel like Wulona from Good Times in this dress but the colors make me happy:)

Enjoy....Oh, Don't steal my pictures. If you must reference a photo, please reference my site or link back to this post. It's the right thing to do. Plus, I have a pact with God...let's just say you don't want to go that route:)


MochaTrina said...

Wulona...Lol. I need to put in a blurb about pics and watermark them hoes too.

MochaTrina said...

cute dress Ms. Woods.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

thank you!

Faithy Faith said...

maybe that could b a business idea for u to be a stylist...uve done a great job thus far and the suggestion for ur mother-in-law to make a completely new outfit with the same dress is spot on!
u got the passion and the gift be like nike 'JUST DO IT'

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I wish I knew how to get into being a stylist!

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