I'm Just Saying...

I'm just saying, looks alot like to me:)

Janet's Look: Versace
My Look: H & M Philly (I clearly remember buying a clearance item and getting the second clearance item free...this dress was the "free")
Belts: Notice they are different on me...(both thrifted)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Marshall's
Necklace: Chain F21/Late Aunt's Vintage Chanel Earring on Chain.

When I saw Janet in this dress a few weeks ago, I said "OH NO SHE DIDN'T"! I totally already have that dress and I didn't have to sell a kidney get it. Although we all know that Janet is friends with Donatella Versace, so she got it free too. So in my head, me and Janet paid the same price:)
I'm just saying.....am I wrong?


Penny said...

That's a great dress and I LURVE that second belt you have on!

Deanna Jackson said...

Janet ain't got nothing on you, girl! :-)

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