Catching Up...

Hopefully, everyone celebrated the Birth of Jesus in style:)

Here is an outfit that I've remixed ALOT over the last week. I wore this top as a dress a few days before Christmas and the very next day I had to layer it with tights/boots/cardigan/scarf and a coat! That's Texas weather for ya'.I am really loving these basic Calvin Klein heels.
I tied an old scarf from H & M to the handle of my vintage bag to spice it up. I tried to get a close up of the graphics of the top/dress...basically images of people from Woodstock apparently enjoying themselves a little too much. I searched for one black face in the crowd but alas, me "wearing" the shirt will just have to count:) LOL!

Apparently, a deep conversation with a 9 year old about a Snuggie being a gimmick got me this Snuggie for Christmas. It's from one of my favorite 9 year olds in the world and I must admit...I LOVE IT! LOL. Granted, I still say it's just a robe worn backwards but I must admit that it keeps me warm. I'm wearing it as I type this post.

I am going to have to research these Snuggie people and figure out how they brainwashed the whole country! From the Snuggie to a little piece of happiness in a BLUE BOX (thank you Santa) to Scrabble Playing Cards...I had a blessed Christmas.

Happy New Year just in case I don't post for a few days:)

WAIT...One more thing! I met up with a GFS follower! Benita, a follower in pharmacy school in Austin, Texas contacted me about places to vintage shop in Houston. I offered to meet her because let's face it....I thought only my family gets bored enough to read my banter (and by read, I mean look at the pictures only...BUSTED!)

We decide to meet and of course I catch a cold from hell. I wasn't well enough to shop with her but I did show her the ropes! Even the people who worked AT the store looked at me like I was crazy! I was totally having a Rachel Zoe Moment:) Benita and her tres chic friends came to check out a few of my secret spots and I snapped a pic of Benita as proof (Isn't she adorable)! Bold

One of her friends, Melanie, is a blogger too, so this ultimately turned into my FIRST Blogger Meet up!

**Don't be fooled by my big smile...as I waited for the ladies to meet me, I was dozing off in the car as some remnants of NyQuil decided to take effect. Right after that picture was taken, I went back into my "coma". Ladies, the next time you come into town...I promise to be ALERT! From what I heard though...they got along fine without me and found some cool items!**


Ro said...

I've been laughing at snuggies for weeks...and the ex's granny got me one..LOL
Now I have to try it out.
That was sooo nice of you to meet up with her.
I would love some suggestions of places in Houston!

kim said...

a thrifting date with you sounds like a dream :) I'm totally jealous of your snuggie, i want one!

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

Ernie said...

I was looking through some old posts and found a comment from you on my very first post! I had no idea it was there, sorry about that! But yes, I am from Houston as well. It's SO nice to be back for the holidays :]

Love that grey sweater!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from SITS. Great blog! Even better shoes. Happy New Year!

myedit said...

The print on your dress is super cool! Mostly though, I'm jealous of your snuggie ( I kinda loved the name slanket...), since I'm cold blooded, it seems like the perfect thing.

Nina said...

This is such a fab blog!

Work With What You've Got said...

I love that dress on you!~

And I want a snuggie, but I want it for the OFFICE. lol.

simplychic said...

lmao at the snuggie! i have one on now. gimmick or not, the guy who invented it, is laughing all the way to the bank these days!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

That snuggie is great!! :) I love that sweater, such a great piece!

Couture Cookie said...

That printed dress looks fab on you!

FashionAddict said...

LOL, I actually love the snuggie and don't understand why people hate on it...I was secretly hoping to get one this year, but no one got me one darnit.
As for your outfit, you look STUNNING in that dress. LOVE the belt and cardigan with it. And FYI, the picture on the starecase is so glam! I wouldn't be surprised if you DID get featured in Oprah with this dress, LOL.

BAM said...

So, what stores did you check out? I'm a pretty low-end thrift shopper in Houston because I can't seem to find the right higher end store that has nice stuff, but at low prices.

At the thrifts, I just pour through stuff until I find a gem.

Anonymous said...

you always look so cute. glad to see the good snuggie review. my aunt got me one for christmas.

LadyNaMasta said...

Hey its Benita! I'm just seeing this post after I sent you that email! lol It was so nice meeting you! Lol @ Rachel Zoe moment. You were on it! We have to try again some other time!

kanishk said...

a thrifting date with you sounds like a dream :) I'm totally jealous of your snuggie, i want one!

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