GFS Style Thrifting...(Part 2)

Here are more of my thrifting tips. I am not an expert! I am just a financially challenged individual who is slightly neurotic about thrifting.

(Click here for Tips #1-5)

6. I don't know how to word it but you have to often "envision" when you thrift. I have bought plenty of dresses that I envision as a cute shirt. Maybe the bottom is not flattering but the top is fabulous. Sometimes changing buttons on a dress or a shirt can give you a whole new wardrobe piece. You've got to be a visionary. (This once was a floor length dress...too much polyester was making me sweat so I made it into a top)
7. Find an alterations person/tailor. They are invaluable when thrifting.

8. Make sure to ALWAYS check for broken threading, buttons, holes, fading...if it can be fixed...great. But you don't want to spend 60 bucks repairing a 6 DOLLAR DRESS. (yes, I've done that). If you are a procrastinor by nature...you know hell well you are not going to "fix that button" or "shorten that hem"... so don't buy it! (sorry...I had to be tough on you)
9. Do not overlook the men's department. There are treasures there. There is nothing like a crisp oversized button down shirt cinched with a belt and rolled up sleeves. Men's button downs are often in perfect condition in thrift stores.

10. Become friendly with the thrift store staff. They will let you in on secrets and sometimes give you great discounts. I'm like Norm from Cheers when I go to my spots.
Thrifted Alexander McQueen Skirt
Stayed tuned for Part 3. Let me know if this helps or share some of your tips. If you don't find this helpful, let me know...I could be stuffing another doubled stuff golden oreo down my throat at this moment. Actually, I can type and stuff the oreo down my throat at the same time...I'm talented like that:)


Tonya said...

You should write a book! It would be a best-seller! Great post. If you can use the info (I sent via email about the blog) great if not that is okay!

Anonymous said...

Tip #8 are words to live by:

"...you know hell well you are not going to "fix that button" or "shorten that hem"... so don't buy it!"

I love this and it's so true.

Couture Cookie said...

YES to finding a tailor! All fashionistas should have one, especially those of us who are not filthy rich! And being friendly with shopgirls is always a good idea... I've developed relationships with a lot of vintage/consignment stores in my neighborhood and usually get amazing deals. :)

Great list! xoxo

Mish Dish said...

Um LOVE the white pumps. And the tips are fantastic...keep them rolling.

xo Mish


Christen said...

I like the tip about envisioning. It's so true - you have to be able to envision how a piece can be worn. Thrifting definitely takes imagination!

Work With What You've Got said...

I bow to your thrift-fu. I have no fu.

FashionAddict said...

Another fabulous post on thrifting! I love all your finds.

Anonymous said...

i'm a serial thrifter as well and AGREE WITH ALL YOUR TIPS! i love shopping in the menswear dept!


E said...

That Mcqueen skirt just blows me away - isn't it to satisfying though! You're totally right about envisioning things when you're checking them out.

Moni @ CL Journal said...



I Think I'm going to try to get a plane ticket and visit you and go shopping. Girl you find great items!

Alissa said...

You are an awesome thrift shopper. I love your creativity!

Crystal said...

Great ideas!!

The Haute Bitch said...

thrifted mcqueen?! jealous! one day... one day... although i have found prada hidden beneath a massive pile of clothes.

Karla said...

Tell me about it! I have 6 white designer oxfords that I thrifted in the men's section in my closet now. One has 6 buttons instead of the standard, one has a slightly stiffer collar, one has extra long sleeves, one is fitted, one is reverse fitted and one looks awesome under jackets. Of course to my hubby it looks like I have six identical shirts. LOL!

I *heart* your blog already, but I am REALLY enjoying these thrifting pointers.

kanishk said...

I love this and it's so true.

see through lingerie

Life with Kaishon said...

I am going to make an effort tomorrow to go to my favorite thrift store and find something fabulous to wear to my sons birthday party on Sunday. I am SO boring lately. Nothing cool like you at all. And I want to be cool like you. Oh yes I do! : )

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