I'm Alive

I am totally alive. I lost my little USB cord thingy to upload pictures so I have outfit pics from the past week but they are trapped in the camera. It's killing me...I'll solve that problem in the next few days. I will tell you that Spring is offically here according to me...I hope you got my memo!

I'm obsessed with wearing  oversized men's button down shirts (criss crossed...not buttoned up), boyfriend jeans and great, comfy shoes like espadrilles and my green belt. If had my camera cord thingy, you would totally see me wearing that right now.
I hate making posts without pics so until my technical issues are resolved, here are links to some of my favorite looks from my fave bloggers:)
If there was such a thing as a blog bible...Love Maegan would be the Genesis in my bible! I adore her style! I try to pose like her...you know with my mouth open...but it just looks like I'm hungry:(

Love the leather bomber jacket with a maxi dress and then with the traditional African skirt. From Africana Wardrobe Diary.

I can't tell you how much I worship Karla's style from Karla's Closet. The shoes...the vintage tops and baggy jeans...so SPRING!

The above pics are of Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk. I promise you, if you give this girl 20 bucks...she will come out of the store with atleast 3 different outfits! Plus, she has dimples like me...of course she has style!
Finally, this is Delmy from Fashion Bananas...she literally can do no wrong...Once again, a tee, loose jeans...and hot shoes. I'm guessing you know what I'm digging for Spring. Rolled up jeans with killer heels! The floral dress and nude shoes...so very right!
Hope this holds you over until I get my camera issues together. These are some of my fave looks from my fave bloggers. Let me tell you how  you can tell when a blogger has style. If they don't post everyday for like a week and you become a little sad or even a little concerned...that's a blogger who has style!

...By the way, I'm a featured Trendsetter on Shop It To Me. It's the site I told you about that serves as your personal stylist by sending you emails about brands you love that are on sale!

...I'll be back with my shenanigans soon enough...Speaking of which...I almost bought some acid wash jeans for 3 bucks today...but I didn't...I have pictures though:)


Emily Kennedy said...

Cool idea for a post! I always wonder which bloggers the other bloggers totally love. Thanks for putting it out there!

Linda said...

I hate it when I lose those #%*€ cords! Love seeing what other bloggers with style are up to! Good luck finding your cord.

Kyla said...

You are so awesome! Thanks so much for including me - you made me smile today!

Karla said...

ok, I'm gonna give the criss-crossed button-down a try thisweek.

And yourbog reminds me tht I don't take nearly enough pictures of my outfits. You inspire me and I took a vow when I started staying at home that I WOULD NOT be a sweats and tshirts mama. Time for me to start documenting my Stay-At-Home-chic!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the feature! I'm heading to the site right now to check you out.

Anonymous said...
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drollgirl said...

these ladies have fab style! and that maegan. what a hoooker. JUST KIDDING. she and i work together, and she just has the best style, plus she is a sweetie!!! i also love karla's style. and africana always looks so happy and so gorgeous. i must check out these other lovely ladies' blogs!

hope you get your photos back soon, as you must be losing your mind over it. i know i would be!!!!

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