School Girl Chic

Ralph Lauren Blazer via Marshall's (Kinda in love with it)
Limited Khakis (hand me down from my homie Taneca!)
Shirt from Target (I think it's really a "beach cover up" but I love the length and how thin it is)
Scarf/Marc Fisher Shoes via Marshall's
Hat from Urban Outfitters...I think...it's so old
The outfit looks much better in person...the details on the back of the jacket make me want to stroke it while singing Killing Me Softly in Spanish to it.

I very much felt like a cross between a school girl/school boy in this outfit...but I liked it:)
(These are actually wide legged Khaki's but "old school" rolled them up like I did in middle school! I'm not a fan of light colored pants but I so didn't care today)

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been busy losing weight...and by losing weight, I mean puking my guts out from a stomach virus or a touch of food poisoning...not good! This was my first attempt all week to get dressed in a decent way. Slowly getting my energy back so today, just pictures...no witty stories:)

.....Oh wait...I was reading this great article (when I wasn't in an Imodium AD induced coma) on bloggers in the current issue of Vogue and it mentioned the "target" audience for most successful bloggers. So here is what I assume all of my readers/lurkers/followers have in common...

1. They YOU eat real food.

2. You have to check your bank account atleast once a month. Let me explain this one. I gage how wealthy people are by if I think they check their bank accounts to see where every penny goes. For example...Oprah doesn't HAVE to check her account. The rapper Coolio (yes, exactly)...checks his account on his Cricket phone! LOL

3. You agree that my afro puff, thick hips, witty banter and worship of heels and pencil skirts make me a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for Financially Challenged, Big Dreaming Bloggers!

4. You too think about how much weight you might lose when you are sick from stomach viruses/food poisoning.

5. You giggle atleast once while reading a post of mine or atleast nod your head and said..."That girl is working it".

I digress. This was supposed to be just pictures:)


Moni @ CL Journal said...

Glad you are feeling better as well! I never got a chance to finish my Vogue....the medication I was taking had me sleeping all week!

Cute outfit! Love the whole look! Jealous of the obviously warmer weather!

Please send some her asap!

: )

The Starving Stylist said...

commenting back on your 5th assumption on your list. . .girllll you know I giggle and nod more than just once when reading your blog! :) xoxo


Christen said...

You clearly know me personally since your description was dead on :) And girl, for being so sick, this look is KILLER. I love love love that jacket.

Really hope you are feeling significantly better today in time to enjoy your weekend!

Alissa said...

Hope you are feeling better! Love the look, and I too bought a "beach coverup" at Target (from the clearance rack, of course!) that I wear all the time as a basic black skirt. Oh, and I check my bank account at least once a week.

Ro said...

Glad your back up and out chick....
and why I was thinking the same thing abt howskinny you gone be from being sick...A MESS!

and I have to check my acct every day....I be "swiper no swiping" the hell outta that bad boy...LOL.
have a great weeekend!

Becky said...

I am coveting that jacket, lady! Ha, I check my bank account at least once a week...definitely a long, long way off from Oprah!

Kyla said...

You definitely know your audience ;)
This outfit looks so awesome! I'm definitely filing it away in my inspiration folder.

Life with Kaishon said...

Love this outfit to the moon.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

LOL! so you really love that jacket! and rightly so, it's timeless.
sorry to hear you were sick, but the losing weight part is always nice. ;-)
xox alison

prashant said...

Love the whole look! Jealous of the obviously warmer weather!
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Anonymous said...

i think it's nautical chic. sorry to hear you've been sick. you are a brave soul to take immodium. when i do, it will be awhile til i can ever go again. i say out with the poisons/demons!

09 10