Excuses, Excuses!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.

Look at my face...atleast I tried to take pics for my followers/lurkers. It's bad when I have to break out my glasses instead of my contacts!
This outfit basically brought to you by Target...it was the best I could do for an outfit post this week...don't judge me:)

The week started off with me getting home and working out*...leaving little time to take pics of my outfits. Truth be told though, my students were taking their state test this week which meant that my job was to stand guard over them like a pitbull to make sure they wouldn't cheat (speaking of cheating, I vividly remember my 5th grade teacher standing over my shoulder giving clues to the answer even though I didn't need them!). That means I didn't go out of my way to be cute at work...and by that I mean that yes I still wore heels...namely the Target wedges by Cythia Vincent (love...I'm wearing them in these pics but I'll do a better  post about them once I've detoxed from Sudafed), but everything else was jeans and a cardigan.

The shoes were still cute enough to get stares from the old battle ax teachers who rocked school spirit shirts with their Lee jeans. I dared not to wear my Nike's with mom jeans for an easy week (You know hell well I don't own any mom jeans!)

Then a few days ago, I got attacked by a random cold virus for no reason at all. I tried to take pics of my outift yesterday morning  but it was a joke. I couldn't breathe and wasn't in the mood. Bla bla bla...yadi yadi ya...the whole point is there was a reason for no posting this week. All in all, I would say that this week was crap but I'm above the ground instead of under...so I'll take that.

*(You know how I like to laugh at people who can't dance in my Zumba class? Well, I must be fair and admit that Monday...I sucked. I made the mistake of walking the 25 minutes to the gym to be all extra motivated. I didn't account for the fact that it was hot outside and might affect my work out. I made it to the zumba class and conked out. I was two salsa steps from passing out. My buddy Ro (whom I met through blogging but found out we belong to the same gym) had to drive me home after the class because I refused to walk back!! I guess it serves me right for laughing at people who are rhythmically challenged...lesson learned:)

Oh, By the way...I have a new theme song. If  you are driving and see a girl with an afro puff dancing violently in her car, assume two things...1)I'm feeling better and 2) This song is playing on the radio:)

( Disclaimer: I do not endorse strippers, drugs (well maybe Sudafed), bling, video vixens...hell really anything in the lyrics. I just like to shake it to this song and we like anthems here in the south. Even the best Christians have an anthem lol! Okay.........I DO endorse the video vixens but that's it:)

P.S..."Writing Without Periods"...please pay attention to the lyrics around the 3:14 mark in this song...written especially for you!

 What do you take to get over a cold?

By the way, I know that I am not hot in this outfit or pics... I just hate a post without pics:)


jennesia said...

lol to funny! hope u feel better! xoxoxoxoxo

Life with Kaishon said...

Darn it all! I DO endorse strippers, drugs and video vixens. I was so sure that we were soul mates...
: )
I am sorry you are sick. You are doing great at the gym. Way to go. I am starting tomorrow. I promised myself I would go every day from May 1 to June 1 and just see how I feel! Right now I feel totally inspired and motivated! Crossing my fingers it stays like this : )

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon! I was hit with a stomach bug myself and feel like a poo. My holistic guru told me drink 2 tspn raw honey & powdered cinnamon in hot water twice a day it will cure anything.

Sending you healing love, Mish

Moni @ CL Journal said...

jack daniels, honey, green tea


Brandy, honey, green tea


My favorite: Cafe Bustelo coffee, patron and honey.

whatever it is, it needs booze to sweat the cold out!

P.S. "Writing With Periods" is HILARIOUS!!! OMG, she's my favorite blog right now. Cracks me up!

Writing Without Periods! said...

Okay this is what I do for a cold:
Drink a slug of gin, put on a really cute pair of shoes, call old boyfriends. Works every time.

Eh, I think Snoop and I are psychic twins...he likes gin too. Oh, my!

Assy said...

I like to stay away from medecine and try to drink lots of water (or orange juice), have a humidifer to help me breathe better at night, and sleep well. My best friend swears by nyquill (it is her drug of choice).
BTW, you and FDiary make me wanna buy those Cynthia vincent shoes. They look good on you. And do not worry, the cold did not affect your swag. You are still cool in my book. be well.

Claire Kiefer said...

I like Advil Cold & Sinus when I'm feeling that way . . . and btw, I'm a teacher in California, and they took the state standardized test the past two weeks (the STAR test), and we caught two kids cheating by TEXT MESSAGE! omg!

Hope you feel better! :)

Janet said...

Stopping by from Writing Without Periods. You have a great blog. And I'm all about comfort clothes from Target on rough weeks!


Sorry you are feeling bad. I've been under the weather also and it's really hard to look nice when you are sick but, you pull it off reall n!ice

Christen said...

It's really tough to get pictures of looks sometimes. I've had several hanging up, ready to be photographed, for weeks!

Hope you feel better soon!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I hope you feel better soon! My cold remedy is lots of vitamin C, water, and a gross but effective drink made of honey, lemon, and vinegar (or whiskey).

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

girl that is my kids song! They played it on America's Best Dance Crew. It is jammin! My new anthem is Drake's Over! Love the chorus...

I take Emerge-C when I feel a cold coming on and that usually lessens the severity of the cold or knocks it out. My special students stay sick b/c they don't really know how to take care of themselves, so my room abounds in germs!

Juanette said...

You gave me your cold from Houston! I am one stuffed up, coughing, sneezing fashionista right now. (But that didn't stop me from going to some thrift stores, it's all about priorities!)For some reason I can't see the video of your theme song, I'm not sure if it's the computer I'm using or not....

KengeB said...

OMG!!!! You know that was my song for my presentation a couple weeks ago I kept my husband up trying to get the song to skip the cussing. Not good for sororoity meeting. Anyway this has been my song since.

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