GFS in Dallas: Homebound

As much as I loved my trip to Dallas, I was kind of ready to go home. I could never be a celebrity. I got sick of living out of a suitcase and eating out every night. The one thing I wanted when I got back to Houston was a homecooked meal, and to watch tv in bed and have nowhere to go. I see why people like Prince don't tour alot..he wants to sleep in  his bed! I don't know that for a fact but he's a friend in my head and friends usually think alike.

I met some wonderful people in Dallas, people that I will surely keep in contact with. Before I left, I grabbed a fab statement necklace from Juanette because the necklace haunted me every night since I saw her wear it!
(You have to see it on...you can see Juanette wearing it in the post GFS in Dallas: Day 1)

One of the highlights (outside of meeting the Dallas bloggers) was finally making it to Buc-ee's! Do you guys have a Buc-ee's? I've traveled across Texas from time to time and I've always seen it...I thought it was just a truck stop. But oh no boo, Buc-ee's is anything but a truck stop! It's a movement! I don't really know how to describe it except that it's kind of like Wal-Mart meets Chucky Cheese meets a gas station meets a Deli Shop sponsored by CRACK! It was overwhelming!

It's the only place that you can get Jalopeno Cream Cheese in a jar, turkey jerkey, homemade Butter Pecan Fudge,  a DR. Pepper ICEE and the cleanest restrooms ever all under ONE ROOF! I'm a Buc-ee's believer! If you ever see one, stop and go in! You will never look at truck stops the same!

I was on the chartered bus on the way back home and I was reading my new book by Chastity Garner called "The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style". One person saw it and wanted to see it and by the time I got back to Houston, half the bus was asking about the book. That's when I was all like "Umm hmmm girl, my homegirl wrote this here book!" Totally pimping out the book! Chastity, the book was very popular among the curvy teachers I roll with!

Next stop? Norfolk, VA and Washington Dc in a few weeks!


MissHaneefa said...

Looks like you had a great time. Great necklace.

Emily Kennedy said...

You are so good to be pimping your friend's book like that. What an angel.

Emily Kennedy said...

Oh also, apparently Gif Party posted this today just for you:

Prince face

Tina said...

1) We totally stopped at Buc-ee's when we came back from Houston a few weeks ago. I may have even taken some pictures with the outhouse that is inside the store.

2) Why are you going to Norfolk? I grew up there!

Writing Without Periods! said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer already. But I'm sure you miss all your students, right? :-)

drollgirl said...

who came up with the spelling of BUC-EEE'S?! it is kind of driving me crazy. but some butter pecan fudge and clean restrooms might make me get over it!

Juanette said...

So sad to see you go! For my trip to Houston I definitely have to stop at Buccees! That is why Prince wore his pajamas to the awards show because he wanted to be in his bed!

Juanette said...

OOhhh oh, I DID NOT see the photo on the necklace the first time! Wear it with joy! I need another one for me!

...love Maegan said...

oh that necklace is awesome! ...and I just read your comment on DrollGirl's latest post which I thought was unbelievable! I mean, who says that ...and who THINKS THAT SHIT!?!? Mind blowing ...but your comment, as usual made me laugh out loud :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I know what you mean. Travel is fun. Restaurants are lovely. Home is the best though. Always the best : )

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