GFS in Dallas: Part 1

I was in Dallas for a week and I made the most of every moment...thriftily speaking that is. I knew that Juanette from Fashion-nette was in Dallas and we have chatted through emails before so we agreed to meet. Since I'm all about thrifting, I could tell through Juanette's blog that we had the same style so I knew she would know the spots.

(This pic was taken after hours of thrifting! We were both exhausted!)

When I got to town...I went to my meetings and scurried to the hotel to meet her. This is how the conversation went.

Me: Hey girl, I'll be ready around 6pm.
Juanette: Okay. I'l be there but I'm kind of sick so I hope you didn't dress up.
Me: (looking at what I had on) Nah, I just have on a skirt and some wedges. Nothing special.
Juanette: Okay. I've got a cold so I'm not gonna be all jazzy.
Me: Okay. (thinking about changing into some jeans and flats but didn't feel like ironing)

Fast forward 15 minutes.

I get my butt in the car and this chick looks like she just stepped off the pages of Essence magazine! Really Juanette? Sick...really? Why do you have on make-up Juanette? Why do you have on that beautiful maxi dress? Why do you have on heels Juanette? This is not the look of I'm So SICK! She was trying to catch me slipping YALL! When I'm sick, I have on a tee and jeans and maybe a cute sandal...usually a cap pulled over my head...not beautiful earrings and a PRADA bag on my arm!

I am wearing the Zebra wedges by Sam Edelman. Remember when I wore that dress from ASOS here? The dress came in that printed fabric. I just stuffed one of my large clutches inside it to make it sturdy and voila...a new clutch!

As soon as  I get in the car, I gave her a not so secret "side eye". Ummm hmmmm. I see how you are Juanette. You wanted me to be the ugly duckling? No boo, no!

This was literally the first time we have ever met and you would swear that we've known each other few years. She didn't hesitate taking me anywhere at all! She took me to some hidden gems and I found some awesome pieces that I will show you later.  The funny part is the thrift stores didn't have dressing rooms. You would've turned around wouldn't you? Nope. Not us. Juanette showed me her corner of the store in the back and all you saw were shirts flying, zippers breaking, hips squeezing! I had to prove to her that I could hang.

We had a blast and she was so willing to take me anywhere. This girl is crazy talented...I will tell you more about that in the next installment of GFS in Dallas: Part 2 along with Erin and Tina. I also met, Chastity a new author of a fab book! That will be in Part 3!


Erika Jewel said...

Ya'll look great Ladies. LMAO @ "No, boo, no" ROFLOL!

Did you get any ideas on what to do in DC? When are you here?

MissHaneefa said...

You all look FABULOUS!

Savonne said...

You guys look great. I wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

GFS you are too funny! The trying to catch you slipping, the ugly duckling, you are a fool! LOL I came across her fotki albums first, then her blog. I've messaged her with questions and all and she answered ALL of them! It was too cool to see th two o you together. Ain't she fly? Love it. Don't you hate it when someone says they are sick or just gonna throw something on and they come out all geed up? Hmph! LOL:) Can't wait to read the next installments!

Irresistible♥Icing said...

That bag is hella cute!!!

Juanette said...

You know I am over here cackling my stuffed up head off, right?!?! You are TOO TOO funny, you definitely have a knack for storytelling, and I did NOT have on heels!

So GLAD we got a chance to meet, I had the best time! Now I need to plan my trip to Houston and see how you style your *No Name Thrift* finds, lol!

Fashion Butter said...

hahaha girl you crack me up!

Christen said...

I'm so glad the two of you had a blast together! I am loving both of your outfits and those zebra-print shoes are fabulous!!!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

You are cracking me up with this post. I wish I had a blogger friend to go thrifting with. It sounds like a great adventure.

Oh and jeans and cute flats when you're sick is still dressed up. I'm a pjs all the way girl when I'm sick!

Emily Kennedy said...

Bwaaa ha hah! You almost got caught out there by Juanette and her tricksy ways. Not the GFS girl though. No way. "I'm just in a jean skirt and wedges." Mm-hmm. "Oh this? This is nothing."

Life with Kaishon said...

OMG love those shoes!

Writing Without Periods! said...

shoes are so cool. Looks like you ladies had a fab time.

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

Wait, Rieko Send me those wedge heels NOW!!!!!

Amy said...

Those shoes are awesome!


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