Man Down! Code 10!

Awww...pretty dress, right? I love it. I wore it to church. I thrifted it in Dallas a few weeks ago.
 Ooh look at the pretty Paris Hilton shoes with the pretty, pretty bow.
Hot, right?

Literally after this picture was taken. I FELL. AGAIN!!! JESUS! And it was the fall from hell! As I walked away from taking this picture, the heel of one shoe got caught in the deathtrap bow of the other. I crashed full force into the curb. KNEE FIRST! I landed so hard that I literally thought I crushed my knee!

The bf is so used to my tumbling that he thought it was the normal "Oh, there goes Reiko again" kind of fall. Only when he realized I didn't hop back up like normal and saw tears forming in my eyes did he realize that this was a biggie! 

So after three days of trying to tough it out. I went to the doctor. I felt it only fitting to document the experience for your blogging reading pleasure.

Doc: Ooh...I love that purple on you.
Me: *blushing yet wincing from the pain* Thank you! I try!
Doc: Is that a Mexican dress?
Me: *thinking "How YOU Doin"* Why, yes it is!
Doc: What brings you in? I haven't seen you in a while.
Me: Paris Hilton pushed me.
Doc: *silence*
Me: Well, she didn't push me. Her shoes tripped me and I fell into a curb.
Doc: Oh no. My "friend" has a hard time with heels.
Me: *side eye at friend*
Doc: I'm going to give you the number to a shoe doctor that can put pads on the bottom of your heels and literally you feel like you are wearing sneakers.

I love my doctor! HE is such a diva! After he gave me the shoe doctor's number, he told me that I probably bruised my knee but if I still felt pressure in another week, to come back and take xrays. I explained to him that I've been stumbling quite alot lately.

 After a series of medical questions, we both concluded that I should just be more careful.  Awesome! Thanks Doc!

I told him that giving up my heels was not an option. This blog is called God's Favorite Shoes. God likes flats but he LOVES heels. He told me...God that is. I talked to him last night.  The doctor said I should be fine and proceeded to talk about the most comfortable heels his "friend" swears by.

*side eye at "friend", Doc...side eye*

....it's okay to laugh...and point fingers...and shake your head! HA!

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InnyVinny said...

Reiko, you are a mess! Poor thing. I know that had to hurt. The shoes are cute, but not if they're going to try to kill you.

I love both of these dresses on you. =D

Alissa said...

The day that a pair of shoes made me slip on the street and nearly kill myself I came home and threw them in the trash. They were cute, but not worth risking my life over. Take care of yourself, and watch out for that Paris Hilton. I don't trust her!

Ro said...

Damn....yo ass can't walk straight to save your life!! Lmao. Once again I hope u feel better. Please be careful...walking wit a dip is "not hot" Reiko.
Your side eyes had me screaming.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh freakin'no!!! Hahahaha about God liking flats but loving heels. That dress is to die for.

Savonne said...

THose dresses are so cute on you. Don't worry your wound will heal.

Stacey said...

Reiko, God called and he said you'd better get some really great health insurance if you are going to keep wearing those heels.

I'm sorry I'm laughing so hard. It's just that....I fall sometimes too. Yes, I have fallen splat out at Target twice in my life. Once I fell in the street and my son crashed into me with his bicycle. It wasn't pretty.

Robyn's Nest said...

Oh Hun! I am so sorry you fell! I LOVE the convo w/ doc and the side eye you gave him! HIlarious!

Lulu said...

Love the blog.
I am glad you are ok.

Emily Kennedy said...

Both dresses are the awesome-sauce!

Falling hard on CONCRETE? Not awesome-sauce. Man, I am glad you didn't break anything! But FIE upon those shoes.

Erika Jewel said...

You know what? Sometimes when I read your posts I crack up because it SOOO sounds like something I would write. When I say you are my friend, in my head, you totally are. ROFLMAO

I fall a lot too. To the point where last winter, during an ice storm, one of my former coworkers called and was like "PJ, I went outside and saw the ice, and I thought about you. I was concerned. I hope you stayed on your feet today, call me." I hollered!!!!

AND I'm always side-eyeing folks. My friends think it's funny because I will side-eye anyone and anyTHING (I just side-eyed the high winds the other day...don't judge me).

Anyway, hope your knee heals quickly! Let us know what you find out about those shoe inserts from Dr. Diva's referral.

gold said...

OMG I hope your knee get better! And if God told to keep wearing heels then you most obey! LOL!

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

I know it's hard to give the heels up, BE MORE CAREFUL, and hey weren't you featured someplace else too?

Anonymous said...

Your doctor is fab.u.less!

I am sorry to hear about your fall, but hey, you looked gorgeous doing so. ;)

ShoeZQ said...

I literally LOL'd when I read that you told the doctor that Paris Hilton pushed you! I'm sorry the beautiful bow shoes made you trip. I have them in blue and have yet to trip so my advice would be to be more careful. However, I did roll my ankle while wearing my Jessica Simpson Dany pumps for the first time. So perhaps I should take my own advice (LOL!)

Sing said...

LOL @ Man Down. At least you look good going down. Both oufits are cute.

Nickie Frye said...

Oh my gosh! Well, first of all, I love your church dress. It's totally perfect. My first reaction to the shoes, from the first shot, was that they looked like serious meat slicers (aka not comfortable), THEN to hear of how they tripped you. Good grief! At least you kept your sense of humor & continued to look fabulous. If you get a chance, let me know about the heel pad sneaker insert things. I need those bad! Hope your knee feels better. Take those PH shoes down to the Goodwill. xoxo

marsha (BrownFace) said...

ARe you sure you're not a comedienne. I don't mean to laugh at your misfortune, but the way you describe things is so hilarious to me. Seriously, I hope you're okay and I hope the knee feels better soon. That green polka dot dress is the bizness!!!!!

Writing Without Periods! said...

I'm surprised you didn't take the doctor's coat and turn it into a sexy outfit...you have style. Even your bandaid is at a jaunty angle...very stylish. Love the purple.
I would suggest that the spill might have been from something starting with "G" but it was Sunday and church.
Feel better,

SaraG83 said...

I love your look, it's really cool!!!

kengeb said...

u knw i have that dress in black and white. I need to raid my closet and drop some stuff off at ur house because we are making room at 1614

Juanette said...

OMG, I was already laughing at your expression on your last pic before I read your post! You are killing me, literally killing me, driving a stake through my heart, side eyeing that damn doctor!!! Did he take your pics also, he probably has an eye for that kinda thing! *not that there's anything wrong with that!* Let me know if you get the pads for your shoes, I wanna know if they work!

Ashley. said...

Girl, you so crazy. I can't stand up in regular shoes much less some heels but i love them o so much. Your so cute. i love everything you wear i wish i had you in my closet everyday. ha. : )

Chastity Garner said...

This is the cutest post...and you look adorable. Sideeye at the PH heels...I was thinking of getting some, but with my bum knee I decided against it. And now that you have been falling...I better not...LOL. Anywho I got your messaged by my QFD post...you guys are gonna get me in trouble...LOLOLOL @ not letting QFD design the jackets...see you aint right.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thanks everyone for your concern. I'm clearly the idiot! LOL

...and why am I still thinking about giving those shoes one more chance? They are so pretty! So very pretty! Maybe it isn't Paris' fault...it's the owner's operating error?!? LOL!

...as I type this a week later...my knee is still propped up!

Stacey Kay said...

I am in LOVE with that green dress! I want one now...

Stacey Kay
"Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

FashionAddict said...

OMGOsh, I have DONE THAT before...gotta beware of those bow shoes! Glad you are okay, but do share this "secret" that your doc promised makes heels feel like tennies! In the mean time, you still look totally hot in flats. In fact, I believe God would adore those flats. True story.

drollgirl said...

girl, you fell again?!?! that is so bogus! anything paris hilton related could trip a girl up! that moron!

but you look fab. i especially love those sandals that did NOT trip you up.

and could your doctor be MY doctor? hahaha! i never get entertaining doctors. ever. mine are all b-o-r-i-n-g!

Anonymous said...

Enough about you Missy!!!!!! How is Frankie Beverly??? Please tell me you didn't fall on Frankie Beverly!!!!!!

FASHION du jour said...

Awwww! Poor thing. I've had many a tripping episode so I feel your "pain". Things we do to be stylish!

FASHION du jour

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

honey you crack me up! you are so funny, and I love your style :) I need to have you on my blogroll :)

would love for you to check out my blog :) xx Anika


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