GFS Series: She's A Friend In My Head

Don't act like you don't do it? You go to your favorite blogger's site everyday to see if there is a new post or if you have missed an update. You get to know them and start hating them for either stealing your style from your head or being able to pull off something you never could. You get to the point where you go out shopping and think _______ of ________ 's blog would so wear this!

Today I want to share with you Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk. You will love her. She is the girl next door but with better legs than most. She wears stuff that you wouldn't think to put together but when she does, you slap yourself for not doing it first.  Somehow, she became a friend in my head and then via email. We both agreed that meeting is a necessity one day!  So, keep reading so she can become a friend in your head too:)  You know by now that I'm a little different, so I ask the questions that you really want to ask. I'm kinda like Wendy Williams in that way...except I'm shorter and a little quiter:)

1. What do you like most about your own style? (Don’t be modest!)

I like that it feels like me. The older I get, the fewer concessions I make for my style. That means it's comfy, fits properly and I feel good wearing it. I especially love the days when my outfit feels like a direct expression of what's going on in my mind. Seamless days like those can be few and far between, so I cherish them when they come around. Ultimately though, it's my style, less and less influence by of-the-moment trends and more and more influenced by me.

2. Fill in the blank: A woman of style should always hold her head high.

3. Name a current trend you wish would go away?

I don't really wish anything away, I just choose not to subscribe to everything out there. One thing I could do without is the acid wash denim trying to make a comeback. Been there. Done that.

4. What makes you give a person the "side eye" in terms of style pet peeves?

Uggs + leggings + over-sized sweatshirts. I'd like to think I'm pretty open to others' style philosophies, as I'd like people to be open to mine, but come on, at least try!

5. What style rule do you constantly break?

I think most style rules that I break have to do with my height more than anything else. Like skinny jeans on a short, curvy girl or not wearing super high heels with long pants. Rules are meant to be broken though. If I look at an outfit in the mirror and it flows together and just feels right, then I'm going to wear it. Rules be damned.

6. Name a character from a movie that you would love to play based on the wardrobe alone. (You can substititue a movie for a reality show...no judgement:)

Seriously, give me a hard one. Carrie Bradshaw, no if's, and's or but's about it. SATC can probably be credited for my voracious style appetite.

7. What's the best song to play while getting dressed to go out with the girls or a date?

Oh, dear. I don't usually listen to music while I'm getting dressed. Lame, I know, but our stereo is downstairs. I do, however, tend to rock out in the car on the way there. For a long time, Justin Timberlake was our (and my our, I mean my husband's) choice of music on the way to our favorite bar.

8. You have only five dollars in your hand. Do you save it? Buy a fashion magazine? Buy a specialized coffee?

Ooh, that's a toughie. How about this: I buy a special coffee, save the the change and then go to the library and read their fashion magazines!

9. Painful but pretty heels or comfy Crocs?

Okay, that's just not fair. I've made a pretty big deal about not being able to wear heels anymore. I've even sold all of mine. However, no way, no how is anyone getting a pair of Crocs on me! Is barefoot an option?

Yes, Kyla, whenever Crocs are involved...barefeet are acceptable. I just wanted to see how far you would take that whole "no heels" thing.  Oh, one thing I forgot to mention...KYLA does NOT believe in paying full price for clothes. My GIRL! Thank you so much Kyla! DIMPLE GIRL POWER!!

The next GFS Series: She's a Friend in My Head...I have a treat:)

P.S...this is what I wore to say hi to the Lord on Sunday...I'm too lazy to do a separate post:)


Elaine said...

Kyla definitely has some great style!!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Claire Kiefer said...

You look so pretty in that last pic with the cream colored (light pink? can't tell) dress, belt, and shoes that match your legs so your legs look sky high--that's an amazing outfit and picture!

Charlie said...

she is so cute and different in a good way! unique style and smart answers, lovely to read. great post!

and you look like a filmstar! paparazzi shot straight from Hollywood that is. you look stunning!

Ro said...

yOu are truly someting else..lol...
I love the post and the interview.
The dress you wore to holla at the Lord was sooo cute ...make syou look super thin chilee!

Hope your week is super...and you are soooo a friend in my head. :-)

Sing said...

She has great style. Love your chic dress.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for intro'ing us to Kyla-love her already and will definitely be watching for her blog.

Also, I love your "say hi to the Lawd," dress!!! I want one. lol. I've been so frustrated finding clothes to wear on Sunday morning lately, thank GOD I have a church that is jean friendly. ;)

Lauren said...

Kyla is one of my favorite bloggers because of how true to her self and her sense of style she is. Like you said, she pulls off things that I wish I thought of first! And her pattern mixing skills are bar none!!

Love your cute church outfit! :)

Small Time Style

Emily Kennedy said...

You are super adorable. Kyla's style looks rockin' great on Kyla, but I like some tried and true Reiko style. Like this lovely flowy dress you rocked to church with amazing heels! Also, it is perfect that you and Kyla both rock the dimples. How did I not realize that before?

Writing Without Periods! said...

Love the question about what to listen to while getting dressed to go out...I need to shut my Hubby up and play Amy Whinehouse's best.

drollgirl said...

i bet the LORD likes your look!!!

09 10