A Day in the Life of a Thrifted Blouse

By now you know something always happens to me, right? Today was no different.

Thrifted Blouse, Elephant Necklace from F21, Steve Madden Sandals, Target skirt, Leather bag from Philly years ago)

I thrifted this top earlier this year but never wore it. For some reason, I pulled it out last night and just had to wear it. I got excited because I figured out how to dress it up and down.

I run errands, visit my nieces and nephews and even manage to snap some pics at the elementary school I attended a jillion years ago.

I spotted a cute little church and thought I would attempt taking pics to use for a banner for this blog. You know God's Favorite...the church...right. So, I changed into a pair of spare heels I had in the back seat and snapped a few pics. (You too have spare shoes in your car, so don't you dare JUDGE!)

I quickly realized that...

a.) I was still rocking a bandaid from my fall a few weeks ago. (Don't act like you don't remember)
b.) The  pictures were too dark.
c.) My fro was shrinking before my eyes because of the humidity and therefore starting to 'lean'.
d.) The lawn needed a little tlc thus messing up my picture chi'!
e.) Maybe I shouldn't be taking pictures in front of a church that's not my own. (Isn't that in the bible somewhere...NOT!)

So I abort the mission and decide that I NEEDED a grape slushy from Sonic!
I go out of my way to get the slushy and I quite enjoyed it...apparently too much.
I'm driving and slurping...slurping and driving. The slushy is sooo good that I lose my mind and start shaking the cup to the beat of Usher's OMG song. I mean I'm shaking and humming and slurping..completely oblivious to the fact that I'm wearing not only a light colored blouse...but a SILK one at that!

I freak out!  I had plans for this top! I call Juanette from Fashionnette-Work and she researches  googles how to remove grape stains from silk. She quite clearly tells me to get White vinegar and spot clean it by hand, then let it HANG DRY. I run home and do it. I notice that the stain has gotten lighter. I hang it for about 10 minutes and decided that I wanted to wear it again for the rest of the day. I throw it in the dryer because I have places to be and people to see. 

The only thing that made it all okay was when the UPS guy rang my doorbell and delivered a FABTASTIC clutch purse courtesy of Marion Renee of Wearable Art!!

I can't tell you how happy this clutch makes me! I literally shoved my wallet (empty wallet), my keys and camera in it!  I don't know how Marion knew but it is even my favorite color of all time!!! I LOVE Burnt Orange! LOVE IT!

Marion hand crafts all of her purses and bags and I will just have to believe that this one was made just for me! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! You will be seeing alot of this bag because I'm pretty obsessive when I like something and I usually it run into the ground.

I couldn't wait to rock it so I styled it up really quick and paired it with my leopard shoes! CAN WE SAY PERFECT TOGETHER!

 I put the now midget blouse back on, changed some accessories and bam...off I went to Hooters to get some wings to go and watch this week's episodes of Project Runway and the Rachel Zoe Project! I. Die.

Thank you Marion for the BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED CLUTCH!!!


Marion Renee said...

LOL Reiko! You have such a way with words sis! I could not be more pleased that you love the bag! I can't say I can take all the credit on the color... God said it was the right one for you. (smiles)
I love it with the leopard print shoes! All the best to you Ms Reiko... all the best!

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

I thought I be having a lot going on. Now to the multiple choice, I think that you realized after the fact that you still had the band-aid on from the fall from the church photos, but that's why they have photoshop

Moni @ CL Journal said...

I'm online now to get a clutch! That clutch is the bizness!

I'm not feeling Project Runway just yet, but I love my Rachel Zoe!

Life with Kaishon said...

Rachel Zoe project AND Project Runway! How much better can TV watching get than that?

Love that little church.

Love Slushies! LOVE how resilient you are : ) Oh, yes I do!

Writing Without Periods! said...

Okay, I want to put this together...you went to Hooters in a shrinking blouce...? Weren't the waitresses too jealouso? Did you have to hit them with your lovely new clutch? (BTW, I also carry shoes in my car.)
Power to grape slushies!

MissHaneefa said...

I am sorry that your shirt shrunk, booooo

Lauren said...

I am a new follower to you blog - I hope you know how freakin' hilarious you are!! lol, this post had me rolling! Love it! And fabulous clutch! :)

Small Time Style

Keira said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so glad you did, because now I can keep up with YOU! :) That Marion clutch is absolutely stunning. I checked out her website, and all of her designs are beautiful!

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Fashion Butter said...

Man, I love your posts. And that top looks awesome on you.

Are the wings really that great at Hooters? I always want to try them, but the shiny flesh colored pantyhose the girls there wear usually scare me away.

InnyVinny said...

Reiko, your stories always make me smile. Now NEVER EVER dry a silk blouse. Ever!!!

The clutch is so pretty. And the shirt is still wearable so it looks like you came out on top. =D

Marsha (BrownFace) said...

This post was the perfect end to my day...hahahahaha I just completed my first week of work (temp) in almost two years and instead of thinking how my first paycheck would look, was thinking how much I missed reading my fave blogs when I was home. Finally got a chance to catch up! Ummm, Project Runway and Rachel Zoe....you are a friend in MY head..hahahahaha LOVE, LOVE the bag!!!

Kyla said...

I LOVE that top! I think the last photo would be a pretty worthy banner for your blog. Hot lady, for sure!

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