If a friend called me to come spy on her blind date and write down his license plates number...this is what I would throw on every time.

 Urban Outfitters Cap/Jeans
Thrifted Western shirt
Seychelles Booties

What would you throw on if you had only minutes to get ready to spy on your best girlfriend's blind date?


Mellodee said...

Ummm, doesn't sound like your friend is real sure about this date!

Nice outfit though.

Life with Kaishon said...

You are the best spy ever. I would wear black yoga pants and a black shirt... someday I want to be like you!

Fashionably Black said...

Hey GFS:

Very chic. You look like a celebrity hiding out from the paps!


Assy said...

I would throw on a trench coat period!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! You are rockin' the perfect outfit. So what happened after all of the spying? Inquiring minds want to know!

Corie said...

Ok, I became really excited when I saw your booties! lol

They are so cute! I want them!
Can I have them? lol

But umm...I'm a sweats gal. I more than likely would have thrown on my sweats and a T.

But you looked really cute!

Kyla said...

Look at you, lookin' all hot in your laid back weekend gear. I LOVE it!

Coy Fallacy said...

Again~ why the hell don't I have those booties AND those jeans in my closet!!!! Grrrrr!!!

Love the 'fit mama! Great job as usual.

Yay...you just helped me pick out what I am going to wear to work tomorrow.

Yay Reiko!!!!


Sing said...

LOL @ this question. I love you. haha
I'd wear my big floppy wool hat, a black trench and some black heeled boots.
I like your look.


Anonymous said...

Such a chic spy! Don't know what I would have worn but you can best believe I know what I would wear now...and gimme that bag

chacha said...

i think you look too cute to be a spy! your look would attract too much attention!

yeah, definitely need a close-up of the shoes... are they open in the front?

FashionAddict said...

You are so freakin adorable! I have been wondering if lighter colored leggings would work for me...you look so darn cute in yours, I might have to give them a try!

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