Busy Bee

(Banana Republic Tuxedo shirt, Anthropologie Dress, Kate Spade Shoes, Thrifted Scarf)

Today, I kinda felt important. I had places to go and people meet...which is rare if you know me in real life. I have a friend, let's call her the Puerto Rican princess (she makes me call her that:), who ALWAYS has somewhere to go! Always. I call her a soccer mom although she has no bambinos but she's always running here and there. Me...not so much. Work, home, grocery store, mail box...yeah...then work again.
Today, I...

1. Went to church
2. Cooked a kick a$$ Chicken Parmesan
3. Took the best nap that almost made me miss #4!
4. Met a reader of my blog who turned out to be the Don King of Ideas! She was so inspirational and motivating, I walked out of the Dessert Gallery singing the Reading Rainbow song "I Cannnn Do Anythiiiing...Take a look, it's in a book...Reading Rainbow!" (I went too far with the song but I know you remember that show!)
Thank you Ashley...I programmed your number in my cell so that means I'm no longer a friend in just your head!)
5. Celebrated my homie's bday with Sushi and Cake! Happy bday Arianne!
6. Hung out with my bestie/dude!
7. Accomplished a new scarf updo:)
8. Found a new way to wear this old dress.

(I was trying to show how I tied the scarf to do an updo..you can't really tell though)

This is what I wore to church. It's a tulip style dress I copped from H&M this summer.
Jessica Simpson Shoes/ Thrifted Blazer

This look from Style Sample is what inspired my retro look today. Click here:)
Juanette from Fashionnette-work reminded me to shop in my own closet! Thanks!
How did I do?


Coy Fallacy said...

Ummmm....so why the hell are you awake young lady?

Lol...prolly the same reason I'm awake huh?

Lol...you did a fabulous job coordinating 2 great outfits today, a kick a$$ parmesean, and a day full of business.

Work it sister!

simplychic said...

dang, you got a lot done and you looked GREAT doing it.

Sing said...

You look great lady and certaintly like a woman who was on a mission and accomplished a lot.


Juanette said...

You were a busy bee! Great outfit posts, loved the way the birthday dinner outfit turned out! You've done the same for me, we save on outfits so we can buy more shoes! (Not that I've been able to buy more shoes yet but my time is near!)

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

i love the collar shirt and dress look. ummm yeah need to get come collar shirts in my life to try that.

link up your outfit posts today for a chance to win a month long feature!

asha said...

i love both looks! you showed that looking like a lady doesn't have to be stuffy and boring. good job!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are outstandingly beautiful.
I love sunflare. And those red shoes. And blog friends!

Savonne said...

You're too funny. The reading rainbow. I like the tuxedo shirt tied over the dress.

Beckerman Girls said...

You look sooo gorgeous!!!
I love love love that printed dress! Its sooo chic how you wrapped that white shirt around it as well! Amazing styling!!!
Love it!!
Big kisses,
Beckerman Girls


Coy Fallacy said...

I want that dress in the second look of this day. Can I have it? Mama said all you hate to do is ask.

I have a vintage necklace giveaway! Come check it out!!!!


FashionAddict said...

Lookin good! That dress is so pretty and flattering...love the button down over it, especially with your hair put up like that! It's like a funky ladylike vibe.

Fashionably Black said...

I love how you tied that blouse. The look is fun, flirty, and feminine. I adore!


Anonymous said...

I love retro fashion, in the words of Tyra, you look "fiiiiiiierce!"

Anonymous said...

You've done more in one day than I've done in a week! LOL I nominated you for a blog award. Check out my blog to claim it.

Tamia said...

You look so good, lady! You MORE than did it justice--dang, now I gotta step up my game.

The Reading Rainbow theme song will be in my head for the rest of the day, thankyouverymuch. Luckily, Levar Burton can do no wrong.


CeCeSoChic said...

Wow it's my first time clicking around your blog and I LOVE IT!! Super cute!!


drollgirl said...

you look fab!

and rest assured, your life on a slow day is most likely way more exciting and fun than mine! for reals!

have a killer weekend!

Davina said...

I totally love the shirt over dress look! I love ur blog actually.. I just started reading it! And you are tapping into my creative side!!!! So I tried the look today...will send you a pic once I figure out where to send it to.. But I work at this place thats sooo casual..I m talkin jeans Monday to Friday..and I m the only one that ever makes an effort... My boss says to me today: Now that I love!!!!!! I almost fell out of my chair in the meeting!!!! EEEEEKKK! I heart u tonnes now...u r like my fave blogger as of now!

Anonymous said...

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