Goodbye 2010!

 I almost didn't do this post because I thought "who looks at pictures of themselves and picks their favorite outfits!" Then, my other self replied, "BLOGGERS!"

So here is a recap of some of my looks in 2010...in random order because I'm way too lazy.

(necklace courtesy of my Bloggy Godmother...MISH DISH

(Do you remember that this outfit made me a finalist for a contest to win a designer bag? I lost.)

(I wore the above ensemble to the Maxwell/Jill Scott concert)

(On the way to the Maxwell concert in my Prince "Life is a Parade" tee)

(My nephew and I hanging out this summer)

(I met some Dallas bloggers who have become my friends!)

Immediately after the above pic was taken, I fell and decapitated my knee:(

(Above clutch courtesy of Marion Renee)



Juanette said...

I'm partial to the cargo outfit the most since I had a hand in the planning but you always look fab maam!

Gaby_fez said...

I have lots of favorite looks, I love your blog, I read it every day ....
from the Caribbean ...
kisses and happy new year!

Feliz año nuevo!!!......

Corie said...

I love all of your outfits I couldn't even choose a 'favorite'.

But I also did a recap. I mean...why not! lol

Happy New Year's!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

Happy New Year to you hon!

BTW, I was going to wear my Prince shirt to concert, but it got messed up with brown spots in the dryer at the laundry!

They don't have anymore! : (

But, I purchased his "Welcome To America" shirt!

Did I mention I went twice? Saw him again this past Wed! : )

Going back on the 18th!

I blogged about it! Girl, the man is going to kill me! LMAO

"AWWWAH"!!! : )


Dhalia said...

I wish you a GREAT 2011!


Anonymous said...

Love all of the looks, especially the dresses. I know I shouldn't laugh, but everytime I read about you falling it reminds me of a friend of mine! Lawd we think she has vertigo!!!! It's bad, but funny I tell you. She'll fall in the bushes inbetween the bed, etc.!

09 10