Thank You!

Rocking the Turban...I know some people are over the turban but I kinda love it. I'll be over it soon though. You know how I get!

Turban: Beauty Supply Store
H&M Dress and Trench
Leopard Tights
Jessica Simpson Heels
Thrifted Sash

By the way...I would like to announce that I'm a beast. I actually went to the gym at 5:30am! I went to a spinning class. It started at 5: 30am...I walked out at 5:45am. I swear I'm no punk but those bike seats are NOT made for me! I did not leave the gym though...I stayed and got on the treadmill.

Yay me!

Juanette and I decided to pull off the Marie Claire look. (Her secret weapon is that she has a crinoline under her dress for the "full dress effect"...My secret weapon is that I am JUST plain "full"!)

And don't forget to shop SFAM's Closet! Thank you for the support we are getting through emails and twitter and facebook! We already have orders to keep us busy! I am really aiming to be my own success story instead of reading about them...and SFAM is one HUGE step towards that!


Mustard Seed Collective said...

I am loving the location where you took these pix. The brick backdrop is perfect.

Congrats to you both on SFAM's Closet!

Traci said...

People may be "over the turban" but you make it classy.

What a great idea to find magazine styles and re-create it.

Sing said...

The turban ain't for everybody, but you make it look fab.

Mellodee said...

Last night after I had read about your new venture, I went and really looked at my closet, to see if I could put together a couple of outfits that would reflect the great style the two of you have.

Every time I pulled something out to consider, it was so uninteresting and just kind of old looking. That is when I realized that I have a lot of OLD clothes!! Things I actually wore in the 1970s and 80s. No wonder they the outfits looked old to me, I've had some of them for 40 years!!! Oh HELP!

In my defense, I kept most of them for costumes for when I was cast in a show from those times. I actually used most of them for that purpose too! Just not lately! Now they're vintage! LOL!!!

Ms. Tee said...

Great look! I love spinning, but I can't tolerate that seat either...it's no joke!

I love Sisters From Another Mister! I will be purchasing some items!

That fat-shionista's wardrobe said...

girl, i do not blame you one bit. i did one of those classes once and i had bruises all over my thighs an my butt for a week1 you guys pulled the look off really well.

Stacey Kay said...

over the turban? no way! i'm not!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
My Vintage Handbag Line

Assy said...

SFAM is a great idea. Good luck with it! If you ship to Japan, I am buying ( if I find something I drool over).
And loving the trench. I always wonderered why I could never achieve this full skirt under the trench effect. I guess I need to work on getting fuller (but any fuller than that, I may not find any jeans my size) or get myself a crinoline like Juanette. God, I love you both!

Sunny said...

Love, Love, Love! The turban ties it all together and you look 1940s classic!

FashionAddict said...

I am LOVING the turban on you! Fabulous look!

LV said...

I don't know if I could pull off a turban, but you make it look fabulous!


jin @ soul + food said...

i'm not over turbans either - you look great!

DallasMonroe said...

I don't care if people are over it or not... lol. I'm still rocking mine when my hair won't mind me... and I make it fancy by pinning a gazillion brooches on the front too... lol.

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