You're Invited To SFAM's Board Meeting

If you're new to this blog, you should know that I along with Juanette from Fashionnette-work started an online shop where you can buy vintage items and other finds.

You can read the story on how we met here but you should know that the moral of this post is "Believe It and It Shall Be Done!"

Last summer we jokingly said that we loved and trusted each other's style so much that we should have an online business. She lives in Dallas and I'm in Houston. We needed a spot that would be halfway for both of us and that just so happens to be in Madisonville, Texas where Buc-ee's is located.  I jokingly said that our "office" should be at Buccee's.

8 months later...guess where we met to conduct some business?? BU-CEE'S!

She's never been to Bucee's so I had to show her around. I kinda was a little too excited to give her a tour but by the time we left...she shared my appreciation for Bucee's.

We had barbecue sandwiches in the parking lot...working lunch of course.

Then we took the opportunity to take a few photos...for business purposes of course. (Thank you Petra for taking our pics!)

 You might notice in one of the pics above that we are both wearing different jackets. That's because part of our "business" was to exchange clothes that we've been thrifting and holding for each other over the course of a year. 

She copped me this fabulous Anne Klein jacket, worn with a F21 tee, Zara pants and my Christmas gift shoes (Pour La Victoire heels)

 Somehow she hustled this army jacket from me but I admit that she looks in it so I would say it was a fair swap!

...Pics for our business cards perhaps...

 And even found time to act out a scene from The Color Purple...(Me and You Shall Never Part!)

Then we had to go back inside Bucee's because I needed to get my turkey jerkey, homemade fudge and a jar of candied jalopenos before I made my way back to Houston!

We made the most of our "meeting"...trust me. Oddly enough, we never once thought about the people around us staring and laughing. It was just another day at the office...AT BUCEE'S!!!!!

Meeting Ajourned!

(P.S. I do have a real sister whom I should mention here so she doesn't think I'm replacing her. That's my boo too. I love both my sisters...biological and fashionably related)


olive paperie said...

Looked like fun! I hope you all had a productive meeting! can't wait to see what you both have in store for us.

Work With What You've Got said...

you both look PERFECT in your new jackets and I am so glad you have each other. It's so good to find someone you connect with like that.

Confession: I LOATHE BUCKEE'S. Like, ugh. I hate it. I'd rather hold my pee for 20 extra minutes than stop there. But I always do because the kids are always so excited to get (overpriced!) treats from there.

Sing said...

You gals looked casually stylish. I'm sure it was an epic meeting of two fashionable minds.


drollgirl said...

this post almost makes me wish i lived in texas so that i could join in the fun! but then again my least favorite (BY FAR) sibling lives in texas, so that is not going to happen.

plus you two are more stylish than me. if you saw what i was wearing right now, you would go into convulsions. to be fair, it is a day off for me today and i have been CLEANING, so i am in ratty sweats with my hair up and wearing glasses. i would NEVER go out in public in this get up, so i am not COMPLETELY clueless. lol

Jody said...

Well I am new to your blog and this post was hilarious! Bucees as your office and having lunch at work too funny. I'm in Houston too would love to meet one day!

Come visit me at bronzeisland.blogspot.com you can visit my website from there too.


Ro said...

You both look sooo very faboosh honey!
I love the idea and the fact that you two came together is great. Now get out there and find me soem STUFF!! you know I need NEW clothes :-)

Kashif Javed said...

I like that footwear I wanna buy them any online Shoe Shop?

FashionAddict said...

Wow, lady, I am so ENVIOUS of that striped blazer! This whole outfit is divine!!!

DallasMonroe said...

One day... One day.. I'll be fabulous enough to shop in heels... lol. Until then... SparklyFlipFlops o_O

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