Hi. I'm GFS also known as Reiko.

This is what I looked like in 1988. Glasses...hairstyle and all.

My students said I looked like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.
The Mr. said I looked like Tootie from The Facts of Life.

I agree with both observations. I'm kind of proud too.

Some of you have never heard of Tootie or The Wizard of Oz.  
That's okay.
We will just call this "Geek Chic" for those who are scratching their heads.

Striped Tee c/o Striped Shirt
Gap Skirt (I dyed it yellow last summer)
L.A.M.B. Heels
Target belt
Vintage Train Case
Watch c/o TIKKR Watch
Random chain necklaces
Heart Necklace c/o Love Maegan


TyshaJames said...

LOL i love this look the yellow really pops against the stripes and tan heels to match? genius! I would love to know what you carry in that bag case, i carry my entire life in my bags so i can just imagine whats in yours LOL xoxo TY

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

LOVE the look! You always pair your outfits with the most perfect shoes, it's incredible! Love stripes with yellow, so fresh :)

Jody said...

Lovin' the geek chic tootie! Rock those glasses!

RocquelleIsLovely said...

I agree there is a little bit of both in your look, but I LOVE it!! I really like your hair like that. I neeed to go shopping for more stripes like yesterday.

antonia said...

the hair is totally tootie! lmao!


Anonymous said...

I know exactly who they are talking about and you are and looking fabulous. I want that yellow skirt!

Juanette said...

lol you ignant! Tootie?!?!

Key said...

Looooove-a-ly...just lovely!

Shen Dove said...

Love this whole look, it worked in '88 and totally works now : ) Btw, your train case is adorable!


I'm dying laughing here and then I fell out all over again when I just looked up under comments and saw the last line about not being ugly cause you know how to fight! HILARIOUS!! You look cute in those glasses and I love that skirt! kiah

Laurel said...

Oh girl, you are making me want to get out my glasses! How do you drive, though? I don't have rx sunglasses so I am always afraid of squinting in the daylight too much to wear mine during the day...plus it brings back memories of myself in 1988. Not that cute.

Anonymous said...

Tootie was my idol!! You pulled this off fabulously.

Angie R

LV said...

I love it! Great look and the glasses are cute too:-)

Ife' said...

yes, girl! Tootie all the way. Okay, Am I seriously in an age bracket where there are people younger than me who don't know who Tootie is? Damn, where did the time go? Lol!

Either way, you look so stinkin cute...and umm, I thought we were working out a trade agreement for that skirt? Lol. I was gonna give you a pair of Prissy's shoes for it, right?

...love Maegan said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! yay!!! You're adorable. Seriously. SERIOUSLY!!!! :)

Toria said...

Cute outfit..love the skirt!


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