I really can't put into words all of the words I am feeling right now. Flattered...honored...freaked out shall have to do!

I really wish the pastor of my church will preach a sermon on the power of Social Media because I am a believer!

Phenomenal Atlanta artist Shanda Ferguson reached out to me through Twitter asking me if she could do some pieces for me.

Well, here they are! And believe me when I tell you that I screamed when I saw it!


(All Artwork courtesy of ShandArtProductions...don't steal:)

I was so thrilled that I did something that bloggers usually don't do...I asked if we could talk on the phone.
I felt she needed to hear my actual Southern scream live and on level LOUD!

I just got off the phone with her. I think she sensed my enthusiasm.
This chick is ridiculously talented. Check out her blog here and her work here.

P.S...not for nothing but someone major even recognizes her talents here

Shanda...Get ready. Set. Grind!

And your words were so encouraging to me as well.
Just you wait til I get to Atlanta one of these days!
And I can't wait for you to start on my secret summer project...eeek!


Anonymous said...

Shanda is talented, good luck on your future projects.

Angie R.

Anonymous said...

Wow. super talented.

Ife' said...

Yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!!! I love it! Girl, this is spot on. I feel like you need to have one of these to hang up in your office!

Sing said...

Ahhhh that's is so dope! I'd be very flattered too. When it rains good, it pours don't it?

raven said...

That girl is mad talented!!! Very flattering ;)


Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

Oh My and looks just like you....she created it on point.


Ro said...

oh my word..
that is soooo nice...very talented and such a nice gesture.
Its like You.....for real. How can I describe that feeling when you look at art and you feel like you can see an emotion? That’s what I got looking at this.
(I'm so deep...I know....)

Minister of Style said...

That is so you, it isn't even funny! Just awesome.

ShandyLand said...

Thank you so much for posting my work on your blog Reiko & it was such an awesome pleasure to have a conversation with you & to hear that beautiful scream of yours! lol I can't wait to work on your that special project for you...and I can't wait til you make it to Atlanta!! (BIG BEAR HUG)

Thank you also, to you all, for your beautiful & kind words. It means more than you know. I promise...like I can't even explain. Hope to network with you all in the future! =0)

This was fun & I'm so happy I was able to recreate Reiko in such a fun & colorful way!

TrendySocialite said...

I love these! You should have these put on EVERYTHING you own. T-shirts, bags, mouse pads, etc. I love it!

gigiofca said...

That's gorgeous!!! Like you :)


What a great gift for you! She is very talented!! All of the pieces truly capture you! I love love love them! Kiah

Anonymous said...

What an amazing artist. She captured your essence and style perfectly. Where will you be hanging that amazing illustration?

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

How awesome is THAT?!?!?!? Shanda did an AWESOME job in capturing your style and your spirit!!

Let me be the first to say that I will definitely buy a Reiko tee from SFAM Boutique!! Yay!!!

Peace from Brooklyn!

Miss Moon's Musings

Toria said...

Awww..very nice! That was really nice of her!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love how she has the zigzag line in the face! Genius!

yiqin; said...

love the colors :)

09 10