GFS Hits The Streets: XPOZHER

It seems like I am really busy these days, huh?
Not really.

(Vintage Dress worn as Vest, Target tank/skirt,LAMB Heels, Mother In Law's Train Case)

I would probably be at home watching reruns of Bethanny Ever After on Bravo if there wasn't a real reason for me to leave the house.
 (P.S...Bethanny is funny and psycho all at the same time)

Key from Don't Mess With Texas Style and I have been trying to meet for a while but kept missing each other at Houston meetups.  We decided to make that a thing of the past.

Key has featured GFS  on her blog a few times and it was kind of ridiculous for us to be in Houston and never have met.

Key and her fabulous sister met me at XPOZHER Accessories and Home Goods  to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the shop. It was the perfect place to meet, chat, mingle and shop!
We chatted about everything under the sun. I don't think people realize that they can sow seeds of empowerment just by kind words. Key did that for me.

(Key shopping)

 Her sister freaked me out because she says that she reads my blog all of the time and I'm always genuinely amazed when someone says that:)

I met these chicks as strangers and somehow I walked away with hair products and a fabulous top from their car. That's southern hospitality at its finest!
(More on the top in a few weeks)

Xpozher is the brain child of Houston's own Yolanda Green. I can't say enough about Ms. Yolanda. This lady is a busy bee but knows how to throw a party! The first time I met her, I witnessed her literally greet her customers with a "CHEST BUMP FOR JESUS!"
Awesome in every sense of the word!

I didn't quite walk out of the shop empty handed. I managed to outwit another customer from getting this beautifully made cross necklace! SCORE!

If it's not enough for Yolanda to run a fabulous accessories shop but her son just happens to be talented.

If you follow me on twitter then you know Lee-Lonn. I tweet about him all of the time.
I get the pleasure of hearing him sing at work but it's only a matter of time before everyone knows his name. We talk alot about making our passions/creativity our primary source of income.

Look him up on ITUNES not only for his beautiful voice but because he is always asking me for random things like hot sauce or tartar sauce at work. He brings apple sauce and broccoli for lunch! Who does that!?!
We need to feed him!

I'm actually going to finally catch one of his live shows tonight!

Enjoy Lee-Lonn's video while I go frolic!

This song makes me giggle.


RocquelleIsLovely said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun! I love when Internet buds become friends in real life :-) That cross necklace is hot; can't wait to see how you style it!!

Been meaning to check out LeeLon after reading your tweets...will look him up on iTunes

Traci said...

I love how you are still working the train case. BTW I love Bethenny Ever After, are you following her on Twitter? You should she's amazing to follow and it's really her tweeting.

Key said...

Woooow I will not dissect and critique my funny looking greasey face...no I sure won't! LOL! But I had a blast and I cannot wait to hook up on that styling gig! Thanks for making me and sis feel like you were a chic we use to hang out with in junior high/high school LOL! STAY ENCOURAGED!

FashionAddict said...

Cute hair, lady! And I love that necklace. Great find!

- Tessa said...

Apparently there is a shoe that shares your name: (This is NOT spam!)

- Tessa the shoe finder extraordinaire


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

OMG! Tess! Now I have to get them just because!

Ro said...

You look very very cute...and lelon is HAWT...:-)
*love bethanny...knew we had shit in common

Lee-Lonn said...

This is very beasty! I'm definitely posting this on my site!

Bee said...


Thanks for posting Lee-lonns video, first time I've watched him and I've absolutely fallen in love with his skills, he's funny as hell too :-)

I just reposted his video on my blog :-)



I love your color blocking, the handbag and braclet are really nice too are they vintage?

ShandyLand said...

Love your whole look!! Too cute!
Look at Houston, I didn't know so many great things are there! I've been procrastinting on visiting my aunt, who lives there. I need to make a trip there this year!

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