More SFAM Spring Things!

("Give Him the Blues"  Vintage Dress)

Just added even more Spring goodies to SFAM! We even work on Sundays to get you right for SPRING!

("Pepto Bismol" Vintage skirt...because they'll be sick when they see you coming)

Confession...GFS "tweeps" and "likers" got a heads up! Don't be the last to know again!

("Who Gonna Check Me Boo?" Vintage Blouse)

Are you in Houston?
 If so, come to Dismount Creative's Pre-Launch Party. I'll be there! Click here and RSVP:)
Atleast drop by and say hi!

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Jody said...

I like the color combo on the third photo, very nice.

Ife' said...

aaaahahaha! "Who gon' check me boo?" #classic

Kerissa said...

I melted when I saw this blouse. Is it my size?

09 10