GFS Series: Christ Chic...Le Sigh

 (Super LONG post! Feel free to just look at the pics but it is SO worth it if you continue reading:)

Vintage blouse/belt, Target Skirt, these Paris Hilton shoes)

Let me start by saying that I went to church on Sunday. It's important that you know that.

So, after church, the Mr., the kiddo and I, needed to swing by JC Penney to get her some sports bras for softball. We walk in and ask the first employee we see to point us in the right direction. We go upstairs and stumble around still not finding what we were looking for.    

We go to the intimate apparel department where three of JC Penney's finest are huddled, engrossed in what I assume is a conversation about the government's impending shutdown...it has to be that serious to ignore us, right?

I ask the group for help finding sports bra. They all pause long enough for Chaka Khan the ring leader to make slight eye contact and POINT to a back wall. The kiddo, the Mr. and I, all look at each other because surely this lady is going to stop her conversation to help us.

Not so much.

(I almost fell in this pic)

My crew automatically looks at me because they know that I can get quite vocal when it comes to poor customer service. But this is where you remember that I went to church. God was still in me.  

So I bit my lip and we all went into the designated area. No sports bras. We wondered back downstairs to look in the athletic department. Sports bras built in shirts but not sports bras alone. We find another employee who directs us back upstairs. Le Sigh.

We go back upstairs. Low and behold...who do we see but Chaka Khan again. We tell her that we didn't see any sports bras. She then so graciously turns into Vanna White and points to this one row of sports bras, which were white and gray. There were no signs. Just blended in with the regular bras. We start to look through them as Chaka stands nearby. Since she was standing there just looking, I asked her if she could measure the kiddo. Let me also say that the kiddo is taller and more developed than most ten year olds. She has the body of a young woman.

So...the following conversation ensues...

Me: Could you please measure her since we are here?
Chaka Khan: *without budging* How old is she?
Me: *blank stare* She's 11...(confused)
Chaka Khan: *looking disgusted* Oh no. There is an age limit to get fitted. We only measure ages 16 and up.

Again, a collective blank stare...Chaka Khan included.

Chaka Khan: (continues) Yes, that's policy. We don't measure under age 16 because if we measure her today and then she grows at the end of the week, you're gonna have to buy her a new bra.

Me: *blank stare*
Chaka Khan: I can NOT measure her.
Me: But we've been here before and had her measured before.
Chaka Khan: Oh no. That's against policy.

Remember again, we just came from church. I bite my tongue.

Me: You know what...that's ok.
Chaka Khan: Well let her come back here so I can see.
Me: You know what, don't worry about it. *walking away*
Chaka Khan: (yelling as we walk away) I'm TRYING to give you suggestions.

All of us walk away side eyeing the heck out of each other.

Of course, you know I found a manager.  Ummm hmmm. I explained the "new bra measure policy" and of course the manager never heard of such. The manager asked me to go back to the department with her to confront Chaka Khan, PROTECTOR of the MEASURING TAPE.

Chaka stands her ground and even added that she was trained to not measure preteens because some parents don't want their kids wearing "padded bras."


I still had a song in my heart from church so I just aggressively politely told both the manager and Chaka that she was no help, her customer service skills are piss poor and that they should agree on a policy.  (My version of Sunday polite atleast.)

Here are my questions though.

1. So what if I have to buy a new bra at the end of the week? Is it your money?
2. Let's say that I do have to come back to get another bra in a week...are you refusing to sell it to me?
3. Why are your nails so long? Is that sanitary?
4. Do you have on two wigs?
5. Do you really know someone whose boobs grew in a week?

There's more...but I can't. I just can't.

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Nikole said...

Lmao at 'protector of the measuring tape' u look stunning chica

Mavis said...

I wonder what was going on with the sales lady? Did she not want to be at work?

Bajan Beauty said...

Funny story...I am a stickler about customer service as well. I think you handled it well. Love the skirt!

~L~ of Avid Accents said...

girl...all i can do is laugh at this! good thing you went to church before because homegirl deserved a good...hmmm how can i put it nicely...."pep talk"

love the outfit!

RocquelleIsLovely said...

Girl, I'm praying to God that I can do better at holding my tongue...that was one of those Jesus be a fence moments! Lol

Ariana said...

Lol!! Some people are just crazy...but this post was hilarious!

Chastity Garner said...

So first off...you look FABULOUS!!! Second...Sounds like you were dealing with the village idiots

Juanette said...

You did good, Reiko, I am so glad that the Word was still in you, lol.

I know a lady who wore two wigs, she went to my church in Belton, my mom has a photo of her. Maybe that's her daughter??

You look fab, I still heart the skirt, I will look again today. The medium was fitting a little too tight on this booty, I wouldn't be able to wear that size to church. Or maybe I should and then I might become a preacher's wife....

Lawd hammercy I'm glad you didn't fall, that would have been tragic, TRAGIC! No falls in 2011! (But it looks like you're dancing in the pic.)

Love you,


Superfashionista23 said...

Your questions..Hilarious..all relevant though! Lmbo...One of my pet peeves is bad customer service...Kudos to you for holding it together...


Sing said...

She was lazy, point blank period. Ugh. I can't stand bad customer service.

BESOS LYNN said...

ok, first let me say I have read your blog from start to finish. Not, because Im a stalker just because I like to get aquainted with a new blog when I find one that I like. Ok, that being said. You are HILARIOUS! Todays post made me chuckle. Really? Chaka Khan?
I am a follower by way of Fashion nette-work. She talks about you on her blog often. You ladies are both terrific! Texas must have the best thrift stores, Philly is mediocre in comparison! But, well, yes, we do have several H&M stores-sorry!

lalaG said...

im the type of chick where if you dont speak, i dont buy.
i kinda wish you would have taken a pick of the chick with 2 wigs

K said...

Wow! hahaha I love your story telling skills. You always make me laugh

Sha Boogie said...

Piss poor indeed! Hmph.. the nerve.. she aught to be thankful you had your Jesus fence up! lol

Caribstar said...

runs to Target to look for that skirt...i needs it lol

TyshaJames said...

LMAO! Policy? since when? so what if she happened to be 10 with size 36c's then would she still be too young to get measured? "bullcrap" Good thing you were still singing your Sunday morning praises, or else!

Love the outfit but I long to see the shoes that you're wearing! (I'm a shoe whore too!) :)

xoxo Ty

LaShaune said...

Yet again you amaze me with these background photos. I've lived almost all around H-town and have not see that mural. 3rd Ward?

Secondly - hilarious!!!!!

raven said...

"Chaka Kahn Chaka Kahn Chaka Kahn" LOL

Anyone that sports two wigs simultaneously in Houston weather is suspect anyway. Lucky for her, she caught you on an early Sunday! Straight ignorance.

I really needed this laugh though + you look smashing dear :)

Katie Mac said...

This is too funny, don’t you know you can no longer get help anywhere. You interrupted Chaka
Khan and her backup singers.
BTW love the outfit!

Heather - Inner cupcake said...

That is such a ridiculous story, but the way that you wrote it up is fantastic. And what you were wearing while it happened is even better!

rachelgettingfashion said...

I work somewhere that is H-U-G-E on customer service; I always give the best that I can give and always expect the same back wherever I shop. Sometimes, it's not possible..which leads me to think that my place of work is the best, so I'll just stay there and know I'll get treated with respect and get help.

padded bra policy, ha.

Assy said...

Girl! I know what you can do to bring money home: comedy! Have you ever thought about it. I mean you are hilarious. Mo'nique and Wanda Sykes ain't got s*** (excuse the language) on you. I always know that you will not disapoint in any department(fashion and humour)when I read your blog.
Ps: rules are meant to be broken!!!

Lisa Walter said...

That is a very funny story! How aggravating for you and almost humiliating for your poor daughter to be treated that way by sales staff. I want to hear the rest..please please please!
BTW...I'm new to your blog and it's fabulous! You keep it real!

Vonnie said...

I'm sure that if you're cooking up some *growing meals* at home, some ladies would be pleased to cook up a plate of that "7-day plan" that makes 'em grow sooo fast. LOL! Besides, sports bras are stretchy, you have to do a lot of growing to outgrow one in a week!

I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

I was so engrossed in the story, I missed the pictures. LOL!

Marion Renee said...

LOL!!! My fav question of all is... Do you have on Two wigs?? That's just hilarious!!! I too speak up when it comes to customer service, I have been known to ask a salesperson if they are having a bad day. I completely feel you on this and loved they way you handled it. You go Reiko!

Datruth corner said...

see that is what you get for not checking with the avon lady, we sell sports bras..and very nice colors, pink,purple,mixed colors , sometimes what you are looking for is in your own back yard, says auntie m..and you were there to(there is no place like home)follow the yellow brick road,

Ro said...

*blankest stare EVER*
so glad you went to get your praise on BEFOREHAND....becasue I would have went all the way off on Chaka Khans asss.....
Babbyyyy aint no way she would have got it from me....

Runway Rundown said...

Love this outfit! Pairing to wild prints is so fashion forward of you!

nomorebadhairdays said...

If this was the store policy, why wasn't the manager familiar with it. And why didn't she pass the measuring tape on over to you so that you wouldn't violate their policy?

Don't you wish the Holy Ghost would just bust some people upside the head sometimes?

God's Favorite Shoes! said...
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Kerissa said...

What can i say that hasn't already been said as I hold my belly and hootT Yes hoot really REALLY loudly! I'm so glad you did what Jesus would do and didn't give Chaka a beat down even verbally because the GOD in me would have blasted that chick and the manger. Runs to altar :)

Me Myself n' Why said...

I just need to say you L@@K FabUloUs!

And Thank GOD U went to CHU'ch! lol

Have a wonderful week.

09 10